RMS Athenia Dinner Menu Card - 23 August 1930

RMS Athenia Dinner Menu Card - 23 August 1930

Front Cover of a Vintage Dinner Menu Card from Saturday, 23 August 1930 on board the RMS Athenia of the Anchor-Donaldson Line featured Shoulder & Haunch of Mutton—Red Currant Jelly, Roast Duckling—Savory & Apple Sauce, and Bachelor Pudding for dessert.

Menu Items

  • Poached Halibut— Sauce Danoise
  • Fried Haddock-Lemon Sauce


  • Tripe en Matelot
  • Eggs Variés to Order
  • Prime Ribs & Sirloin of Beef— Raifort
  • Shoulder & Haunch of Mutton—Red Currant Jelly
  • Corned Ox Tongue— L’Ecossaise


  • Epinards au Jus
  • Boiled Patna Rice
  • Braised Onions
  • Creamed Squash
  • Roast, Mashed, or Boiled New Potatoes
  • Salade de Saison


  • Roast Duckling—Savory & Apple Sauce


  • Pressed Beef
  • Braised Boar’s Head         
  • Scotch Brawn
  • Bachelor Pudding
  • Apricot Flange
  • Maraschino Jelly
  • Pâtisserie Variés    
  • Ice Cream & Wafers
  • Table Figs
  • Salted Peanuts
  • Dessert
  • Coffee
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