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Steamship Sanitation Facilities

Photo02: Bathroom Of Imperial Suite On The Steamship Amerika

  • First Successful Steamship Laundry (1905)
    Doubtless many times has the idea been dreamed of, and most fondly and earnestly hoped for, but never before has the realization been fully materialized, of the absolute equipping and installing on board an ocean steamer a full—fledged modern American steam laundry plant. From today, the steam laundry enters upon a new epoch in its eventful history.
  • Bathing on a Steamship - Article and Photographs (1906)
    THOSE who go down to the sea in ships can, in these good modern days, go as far as they like, or rather, as far as their purse-strings will reach, in the matter of bathing. The ship owners and makers have certainly done their part. Every first-class ocean liner nowadays has as many bath rooms as a first-class hotel, and the best and most up-to-the-minute of them provide their first cabin passengers with all the comforts of home, and more, in this respect.
  • The Sanitation of a Modern Ocean Liner (1911)
    COUPLE of generations ago sanitary conditions on shipboard were either of the crudest or did not exist at all. It is a fact that in the days of the famous Yankee clippers the crews of those and contemporaneous craft were absolutely without toilet conveniences.
  • Sanitation and Safety of Passenger Vessels (1911)
    Ocean travel upon a first-class vessel is more safe than is land travel upon a fast express. The Bureau of Navigation of the Department of Commerce and Labor at Washington will supply interested persons with copies of the “Navigation Laws of the United States" and with the recent act adding thereto. It is hardly necessary for us to enter into a discussion of these laws and regulations here, although some of them relate to such sanitary matters as the cubic capacity per passenger, etc.
  • Bathing Facilities of the Modern Steamship - 1913
    Of all the great industries in the world it is a question if any has made more progress than the construction of the great floating hotels which carry the hundreds of thousands of people across the Atlantic Ocean at all seasons of the year. Even ten years ago, extensive as was the passenger traffic, the vessels were small in size compared with the great craft of today, some of which carry fully twice as many as the liner in service back in two.
  • Steamship Certificate of Health - 1904
    This is a Certificate of Health - indicating a steamship has been cleaned and fumigated and passed inspection in the Port of Havre, France from June of 1904. Certificate is in Spanish with French Notifications on reverse side.
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