SS Nieuw Amsterdam Farewell Dinner Menu - 23 May 1951

Front Cover, SS Nieuw Amsterdam Farewell Dinner Menu - 23 May 1951

Front Cover of a Vintage Cabin Class Farewell Dinner Menu from 23 May 1951 on board the SS Nieuw Amsterdam of the Holland-America Line featured Medaillon of Salmon Bonaparte, Fried Steak, Bearnaise Sauce, and Frozen Smiles for dessert.

Menu Items

Wednesday, May 23rd , 1951

Today’s Suggestion

  • Supreme of Grapefruit with Liqueur
  • Consommé Viennoise
  • Medaillon of Salmon Bonaparte
  • Fried Steak, Bearnaise Sauce
  • Buttered String Beans
  • Sautéed  Potatoes
  • Asparagus, Vinaigrette Sauce
  • Combination Salad, Californian Dressing
  • Mixed Compote
  • Frozen Smiles



Hors d'Œuvres

  • Suprême of Grapefruit with Liqueur
  • Crémone Salad
  • Iced Hearts of Table Celery
  • Red Radishes
  • Californian Ripe and Green Olives



  • Medaillon of Salmon Bonaparte

Today’s Special

  • Fried Steak. Béarnaise Sauce

Grill (15 minutes)

  • Lamb Kidney


  • Buttered String Beans
  • Asparagus, Vinaigrette Sauce
  • Steamed Java Rice
  • Spaghetti Milanaise
  • Potatoes: Sauté and Boiled


  • Roast Breda Capon

Salads and Compote

  • Boston Lettuce, Combination Salad
  • Dressing: French and Californian
  • Mixed Compote


  • Frozen Smiles
  • Coupe Corbeille
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Figs and Dotes
  • Coffee



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