SS Dunluce Castle Dinner Menu - 25 May 1936

Menu Cover - Dinner Menu and Music Program - Union-Castle Line SS Dunluce Castle - 1936


Front Cover, Rare Vintage Dinner Menu From 25 May 1936 Onboard the SS Dunluce Castle of the Union-Castle Line for South & East Africa, Featured Mignon of Beef Benjamin, Supreme of Turbot, Sauce Riche, and Junket Aux Fraises Chantilly for Dessert. Cover Illustration: Victoria Falls - From Western End of Gorge. GGA Image ID # 1559282405

Menu Items

Menu Items

  • Mixed Olives
  • Hareng Fume
  • Liver Sausage
  • Eggs Mayonnaise
  • Sardines 'a l'Huile
  • Consommé Turtle
  • Crème Clementine
  • Supreme of Turbot, Sauce Riche
  • Mignon of Beef Benjamin
  • Cassolette of Sheep's Tongues Financière
  • Globe Artichokes, Melted Butter
  • Loin of Pork Anglaise
  • Barded Guinea Fowl, Bread Sauce


  • Roast Haunch of Mutton
  • Pressed Corned Tongue


  • Potatoes : Parisienne, Hollandaise
  • Garden Peas en Sucre
  • Salads : Plain, Parmentier


  • Pouding Chancellor
  • Junket aux Fraises Chantilly
  • Biscuit Glace Petit Marie
  • Friandises
  • Savoury : Welsh Rarebit
  • Assorted Cheese
  • Dessert
  • Coffee

S. S. " Dunluce Castle Dinner. May 25th, / 936.
Passengers are requested kindly to refrain from smoking in the Saloon.


Music Program

  • March " Fighting Strength" Jordan
  • Valse "Artist's Life Strauss
  • Piano Novelty " Cannon off the Cush " Engleman
  • Finale " Beautiful Helen " Offenbach
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