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The Captain's Dinner

  • Address to Passengers Attending Concert on the R.M.S. Caronia June 1905
    I have been commanded to take the chair at the Concert this evening by the Captain of the ship, whose word, as you all know, is law. We are all in the power of the Captain, and he can do what he likes with us, therefore, it is policy to obey his commands without hesitation. a. I don't know, I'm sure, why he should have selected me for this task, unaccustomed as I am to public speaking, and I was rather dismayed when I received his command, but I knew there was no use trying to decline, so here I am in the poktion of Chairman.
  • The Captain's Farewell Dinner onboard an Ocean Liner (1912)
    Preparations went on all the afternoon in the dining room of the "Graf Waldersee" of the Hamburg-American Line for the Boat-Captain's Dinner.  The "Captain's Dinner," by the way, given just before the end of the voyage, is always quite a grand affair. 
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