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Stowaways On Steamships

Rose Host, Stowaway on a Steamship

  • Pretty Russian Girl Stowaway Held at Ellis Island (1907)
    A pretty eighteen-year-old Russian girl is a prisoner on Ellis Island today, charged with having come to this country a stowaway on the Russian Volunteer Company steamer Saratov. When detected, she was dressed as a man and was endeavoring to make her escape from the vessel, which is tied up at the bush docks, Brooklyn. The girl was caught through the vigilance of the immigration officials, who are carefully watching the steamers of the Volunteer Fleet and the East Asiatio Company's steamers since the discovery of plans to smuggle in here many persons who are barred from this country because of physical reasons.
  • Italian Girl Stowaway held in detention at Ellis Island (1910)
    Maria Cavallero, 15, of Messina, Italy, came to the United States to find her father and Ellis Island officials are helping her. If he cannot be found, she will be deported. The youngest girl stowaway ever brought to the Port of New York is now held in the detention room at the immigration station on Ellis Island. She is Maria Cavallero, a bright, dark-eyed girl of 15, who had lived all her life in Messina.
  • Stowaways on Steamships Entering the United States, A 1911 Report
    Stowaways furnish another class of aliens not a few of whom gain admission to this country in violation of law. Despite the vigilance of ships' officers to prevent the concealment of stowaways on board vessels at foreign ports, a considerable number of aliens each year are able to employ this method of securing free passage to the United States.
  • 2,392 Stowaways Reached U.S. Ports (1921)
    AS motley a crowd as one could well imagine revealed itself to a representative of THE NAUTICAL GAZETTE when he was admitted into the stowaway room at Ellis Island. There were about a hundred of them, some playing games, some reading, but the majority chatting in little groups. They were clad in the most varied garbs and one wore a blanket over his shoulders.
  • Former German Stewardess Turned Stowaway on Steamship (1922)
    The pluck and cleverness shown by Miss Christiana Wilhelmina Ida Klingemann, 41 years, of Berlin, Germany, in digging herself in among 200 tons of gravel balast down No. 7 hold aft on the White Star Liner Pittsburgh and remaining below for seven days and nights, was related yesterday to -12-1the reporters when the liner arrived at Pier 59, North River, from Bremen.
  • Stowaways on Ships - A Reporter's Exposé (1928)
    When a good looking and well dressed young woman presented herself before the captain of the Manchuria a few hours after the ship had left New York on a recent voyage for California ports, and confessed she had neither ticket nor cash, it appeared that the limit had been reached in the art of stowing away.
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