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RMS Scythia Dinner Menu - 20 May 1930

Front Cover, RMS Scythia Dinner Menu - 20 May 1930

Vintage Tourist Third Cabin Dinner Menu from Tuesday, 20 May 1930 on board the RMS Scythia of the Cunard Line featured Poached Sea Bass Capetienne, Roast Turkey Cranberry Sauce, and Vanilla Bavaroise for dessert. Original Owner inserted photograph of the RMS Scythia on cover of menu.

Menu Items

  • Hors d'Œuvres Variés
  • Consommé Royal   
  • Crème Argenteuil


  • Poached Sea Bass Capetienne
  • Croquette de Volaille Duchesse


  • Roast Turkey Cranberry Sauce
  • Haricot Panache


  • Boiled and Roast Potatoes
  • Fig Pudding -- Sweet Sauce


  • French Pastry        
  • Vanilla Bavaroise
  • Ice Cream and Wafers


  • Dessert


Menu Items, RMS Scythia Dinner Menu - 20 May 1930

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