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Cunard Line Ephemera 1880-2004

The GG Archives has extensive holdings in Cunard Line Ephemera from the 1880 through 2004. The Collections includes Passenger Lists, Steamship Tickets, Brochures, Menus, Periodicals, Books, Photographs and Miscellaneous Other Ephemera.

The Cunard Line's main services—New York-Southampton; New York-Liverpool; New York-London; New York-Bristol; Baltimore- Bristol: New York-Mediterranean; New York-Antwerp; New York-Rotterdam; Boston-Liverpool; Boston-London; Boston-Glasgow; Philadelphia-Bristol; Philadelphia-London; Montreal-Falmouth-London; Montreal-Bristol; U. K.- Mediterranean; U. K.-Levant and Black Sea; U. K.-French Ports.

Cunard Line Ephemera in Date Order

  1. Cunard Line Ephemera 1880-1910
  2. Cunard Line Ephemera 1911-1924
  3. Cunard Line Ephemera 1925-1931
  4. Cunard Line Ephemera 1932-1947
  5. Cunard Line Ephemera 1948-2004
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