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RMS Lusitania Passenger List - 20 March 1909

Saloon Passenger List from the RMS Lusitania of the Cunard Line, Departing 20 March 1909 from Liverpool to New York via Queenstown (Cobh)

Saloon Passenger List from the RMS Lusitania of the Cunard Line, Departing 20 March 1909 from Liverpool to New York via Queenstown (Cobh), Commanded by Captain W. T. Turner. Sourced from the Cunard Daily Bulletin, Lusitania Edition, Thursday, 25th March 1909. Cunard Daily Bulletin, Lusitania Edition - 25 March 1909. GGA Image ID # 174c9bcde9

Saloon Passengers

  1. Mr. A. Adams
  2. Mrs. Charles B. Alexander and maid
  3. Miss Harriet Alexander and maid
  4. Miss Janetta Alexander
  5. Lady Allan and maid
  6. Mrs. E. Anderson
  7. Mr. A. Louis Allen Marquis of Anglesey and manservant
  8. Mr. A. J. Angler
  9. The Hon. C. M. Astley
  10. Mr. H. L. Baggallay
  11. Mr. J. Bardon
  12. Mr. Hamilton Bardswell
  13. Mrs. Bardswell
  14. Mr. B. S. Beam
  15. Miss Hubv Beddoes
  16. Mr. J. S. Bigger
  17. Mr. S A. Birdsong
  18. Mr. T. Stanley Rirkin
  19. Mrs. J S. Bollard
  20. Mr. H K. Bloodgood
  21. Mr. Percy A. Blythe
  22. Mrs. Blythe
  23. Mr. Charles Booth. Jr.
  24. Mrs. Booth, Jr
  25. Master A. Booth
  26. Mr. Marcus Braum
  27. Hr. C. F. Brackett
  28. Mr. L W. Branch
  29. Mrs. Branch
  30. Mr. John Brodix
  31. Mr. Fred F Bullen
  32. Mrs. Bullen
  33. Mr. Robert Burgess
  34. Mr. A. J. Buston
  35. Mr. W. M. Cabot
  36. Col. Colin Campbell and manservant
  37. Mrs. Campbell and maid
  38. Mr. Ewen Cameron
  39. Mrs. Cameron
  40. Mr. William A Carlyle
  41. The Hon. Cynthia Charterte
  42. Mr. Henry Church
  43. Mrs. Church
  44. Mr. I. M. Cohen
  45. Mr. W. H. Colquhoun
  46. Mr. A. M. Colquhoun
  47. Mr. W. S. Coutts
  48. Mr. O M Crego
  49. Mrs. Crego
  50. Mr. James S. Cross
  51. Mr. A. Cross
  52. Miss Anna M. Denver
  53. Mr. B. Deleuze Marchioness of Donegall
  54. Mr. L G. Du Bois
  55. Mrs. Du Bois and maid
  56. Mrs. M. Darley
  57. Mr. H F. Drader
  58. Lady Elcho and maid
  59. Mr. Thomas R. Ellison
  60. Mr. C. M. Everest
  61. Mrs. Everest
  62. Mr. W. H Finlayson
  63. Mr. John Fowler
  64. Mrs. Fowler
  65. Mr. Maurice P. French
  66. Mr. R. Gardiner
  67. Mr. William Galewood
  68. Mr. E. Geoffray
  69. Mr. Joseph Gerli
  70. Mrs. Gerli
  71. Miss Agatha Gerli
  72. Miss Alice Gerli
  73. Miss Margaret V. Giehle
  74. Mr. G. W Gordon
  75. Mr. C. W. Gooch and manservant
  76.  Mr. Ed. Goodman and valet
  77. Mr. B. Gulbenkian
  78. Mr. Graeme Harrison
  79. Mr. J. P. Hamilton
  80. Mr. R. G. Hanford
  81. Mrs. Hanford
  82. Mr. Y. Hayashi
  83. Lord Herbert and valet
  84. Lady Herbert and maid
  85. Mr. H Herde
  86. Mr. Oscar Henrichs
  87. Judge P. A. Holmes
  88. Mrs. Holmes
  89. Miss Holmes
  90. Mr. A. C Hostler
  91. Mr. W. B Howland
  92. Mrs. Howland
  93. Mrs. J. P Hunting
  94. Mr. George W Hyde
  95. Dr Ed. J. Ill
  96. Mr. Frederick Ingham
  97. Mr. O Ingrens
  98. Mr. V. J. Jimishiam
  99. Mr. L. Johnson
  100. Mr. E. C Kent
  101. Mr. A S Klauber
  102. Mr. William Klein
  103. Miss Klein
  104. Mr. C. J. Laan
  105. Mrs. Laan
  106. Mr. A. B. Leach


  1. Mrs. Leach
  2. Mr. J. S. Lowry
  3. Mr. Charles H. Macdonald
  4. Mrs. Macdonald and Maid
  5. Miss Macdonald
  6. Mr. Albert MacGarvey
  7. Mr. Ted D. Marks
  8. Mr. Joseph Martin
  9. Mrs. Martin
  10. Mr. Joseph Martin. Jr.
  11. Mr. Chester Martin
  12. Mr. Frank Martin
  13. Mrs. J. Duff McIntosh
  14. Mr. D. McKay
  15. Mr. D. R. McLennan
  16. Mrs. McLennan
  17. Mr. W. Meadows
  18. Mr. Jules Mendel
  19. Mrs. Mendel
  20. Mr. Harold H. Miller
  21. Prof. Pablo S. Mimbela
  22. Mrs. Mimbela and Maid
  23. Miss Marv Mimbela and Nurse
  24. M r. Malcolm Moncreiffe
  25. Mrs. Moncreiffe
  26. Mme. de Mora
  27. Mlle. C. de Morn
  28. Mr. S. T. Murdoch
  29. Mrs. Murdoch
  30. Miss Alice Murdoch
  31. Mrs. Chas. Oppenheim and Maid
  32. Mr. Chas. Oppenheim, Jr.
  33. Miss Marjorie Oppenheim
  34. Mr. W. W. Paine
  35. Mr. W. H. Park
  36. Captain Raymond Parker
  37. Mr. Ralph Phelan
  38. Mr. Isidore P. Polak
  39. Mr. J. Frederick Pomphrey
  40. Mr. J. C. Porter
  41. Mr. W. A. Prime and Valet
  42. Mrs. Prime
  43. Mr. .lohn L. Prime
  44. Mr. C. W. Purington
  45. Mrs. Purington
  46. Mrs. E. Ralston
  47. Mr. C.    Poynter Rrdfern
  48. Mr. F.    A.  Richards
  49. Miss A,  H. Richards
  50. Mrs. L.  M. Righter
  51. Miss M. A. Reley
  52. Mr. E.    Rohner
  53. Mrs. B.  Ruffer
  54. Miss V.  Ruffer
  55. Mr. T. J. Russel
  56. Mr. S. Saba
  57. Mr. T. Sakai
  58. Mr. S. H. Savage
  59. Mrs. Kate Scheurman
  60. Master Carl Scheurman
  61. Mr. Erhard Schlegelmilch
  62. Mr. Srnold Schlegelmilch
  63. Mr. D. M. Schöenfeld
  64. Mr. H. C. Schöenfeld
  65. Mr. J. A. Shehyn
  66. Mr. N. Shiman
  67. Mr. Ernest Smellie
  68. Mr. Hiram C. Smith
  69. Mr. Harold D. Smith
  70. Rev. Charles Stelzle
  71. Mr. W. Tyrie Stevens
  72. Mrs. Stevens
  73. Mr. W. Plunket Stewart
  74. Miss E. J. Stewart
  75. Mr. Herman Stiefel
  76. Mrs. Stiefel
  77. Mr. A. E. Stilwell
  78. Mrs. Stilwell and Maid
  79. Mr. W. W. Strathy
  80. Mr. A. H. Strauss
  81. Mr. R. Takeda
  82. Mr. D. P. Taylor
  83. Mr. Thomson
  84. Mr. A. L. Toombs
  85. Mr. W. D. Triest
  86. Mrs Triest, Child and Governess
  87. Mr. Toyokiche Tyenaga
  88. Mr. Gustave Yogt
  89. Mrs. Yogt
  90. Miss Hattie Yogt
  91. Mr. H. Wada
  92. Mr. Hiram D. Wagner
  93. Mr. L. V. Waters and Valet
  94. Mr. A. Watt
  95. Mr. Sylvester Watts
  96. Mrs. T. Webb-Osborne
  97. Miss K. Webb-Osborne
  98. Mr. Ralph Whelan
  99. Mr. Harry K. Widner
  100. Mr. Daniel Willink
  101. Mr. B. W. Winder
  102. Mr. K. G. Winslow
  103. Mr. Alex. Winton
  104. Mrs. Winton
  105. Mrs. G. Wishart
  106. Mr. Sam Wolff
  107. Mr. William Holland Youd
  108. Mr. W. K. Ziegefeld

Additional Saloon Passengers

  1. Mr. J. E. Bell
  2. Mr. J. R. Cahill
  3. Mrs. T. D. Christian
  4. Mr. F. A. Dolph
  5. Mr. Ellbogen
  6. Mr. J. W. Gerow
  7. Miss Gerow
  8. Mr. E. Herz
  9. Mr. T. Iyenaga
  10. Mr,. Richard T,. Laffin
  11. Mr. G. Louis
  12. Major F. R. McDonald
  13. Mr. M. A. Magner
  14. Mr. W. Neadenthal
  15. Mr. F. L. Stewart
  16. Mr. J. A. Stein

Information for Passengers

Passengers are respectfully notified that a Stenographer and Typist is carried on the ship, and is prepared to execute every description of work at moderate prices.

Passengers are urged not to leave any Articles of Value about the Saloon, Staterooms, or elsewhere, especially before the departure of the steamer. Money, Jewelery, or other Valuables should be deposited with the Purser for safe keeping.

Camp Stools can be obtained from the Bedroom Steward.

The Cunard Steam Ship Company Limited Money Drafts

The Company issue, free of charge, drafts on their own Offices in New York, Boston, or Chicago payable at sight in U.S. Currency, and to avoid delay and the responsibility of carrying loose money, passengers are recommended to avail themselves of these drafts.

Similar facilities are also afforded to passengers from the United States. They may obtain from any of the Co.'s Sub-Agents, who are to be found in most of the towns of the U.S., drafts limited to £10, payable in almost every town in the United Kingdom.

Drafts for any amount can also be purchased at the Co.'s Head Offices, New York, Boston, or Chicago, payable at the Company's Offices in Queenstown, Glasgow, London or Liverpool.

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