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Anderson, SC USA

SS Laconia Passenger List 28 May 1912

Front Cover of a Second Cabin Passenger List for the SS Laconia of the Cunard Line, Departing on Tuesday, 28 May 1912 from Boston to Liverpool via Queenstown (Cobh) and Fishguard

Front Cover of a Second Cabin Passenger List for the SS Laconia of the Cunard Line, Departing on Tuesday, 28 May 1912 from Boston to Liverpool via Queenstown (Cobh) and Fishguard, Commanded by Captain W. R. D. Irvine. GGA Image ID # 1749a2257e

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: W. R. D. Irvine, R.D., R.N.R
  2. Surgeon: E. Snowcroft
  3. Chief Steward: H. Pyatt
  4. Purser: J. N. L. Roberts
  5. Assistant Purser: G. D. Lancaster
  6. Typist and Stenographer: Miss Best

Second Cabin Passengers

  1. Miss A. Abrnhalllson
  2. Mrs. A. O. Anderson
  3. Miss E. E. Anderson
  4. Miss S. I. Anderson
  5. Mr. J. Armstrong
  6. Mrs. J. Armstrong
  7. Mr. E. E. Bagnell
  8. Mrs. E. E. Bagnell
  9. Mr. A. E. Barnes
  10. Mrs. E. Bartup
  11. Miss E. Banup
  12. Mrs. Barker
  13. Master S. Barker
  14. Mr. John Beaven
  15. Miss M. E. Bell
  16. Miss A. Blake
  17. Mr. F. C. Blackmore
  18. Miss M. Brady
  19. Master M. Brady
  20. Mrs. F. W. Brown
  21. Mrs. S. Carlson
  22. Miss A. Casey
  23. Miss C. Caulfield
  24. Mrs. W. B. Coswell
  25. Mr. T. Callahan
  26. Mrs. R. L. Carlson
  27. Miss S. Carlson
  28. Mrs. J. Chaisson
  29. Master W. J. Chaisson
  30. Mrs. M. A. Clark and Infant
  31. Mr. H. W. Clayton
  32. Mr. T. F. Collins
  33. Mrs. A. W. Coates and Infant
  34. Miss H. Coates
  35. Mrs. R. W. Cook
  36. Mr. Robert Cook
  37. Mrs. N. Cooper
  38. Mr. W, B. Coswell
  39. Mr. P. Cornelisson
  40. Mrs. P. Cornelisson
  41. Mr. George Connelley
  42. Mr. J. W. Crowley
  43. Mrs. J. W. Crowley
  44. Miss B. Cusack
  45. Mrs. J. W. Cuff
  46. Miss Julia Curran
  47. Miss Nora Curran
  48. Mr. George Crossman
  49. Mr. Carlson
  50. Mrs. Carlson
  51. Mr. E. Davies
  52. Miss J. Daly
  53. Mr. A. Devos
  54. Mrs. A. Devos
  55. Mr. H. Dugdale
  56. Mrs. H. Dugdale
  57. Miss Mary Duggan
  58. Mrs. W. H. Dunn
  59. Mr. T. H. Duus
  60. Mr. F. Eastwood
  61. Mrs. F. Eastwood
  62. Miss A. Edwards
  63. Miss I. A. Edwards
  64. Mr. E. A. Edwards
  65. Mrs. E A. Edwards
  66. Mr. E. H. Ekegren
  67. Mrs. E. H. Ekegren
  68. Miss J. B. Evers
  69. Mr. B. Fitzpatrick
  70. Mrs. Fitzpatrick
  71. Miss A. Flynn
  72. Miss E. Foley
  73. Miss G. Forsberg
  74. Miss C. Geoghegan
  75. Miss M. Geoghegan
  76. Miss Nora Gibbons
  77. Miss D. Gill
  78. Miss R. Glasgow
  79. Mrs. G. A. Gould and Infant
  80. Miss G. C. Gould
  81. Mr. Grant
  82. Mrs. Grant
  83. Mr. W. H. Hanson
  84. Miss O. Hammer
  85. Mrs. Mary Handsford
  86. Mrs. J. E. Hanrihan
  87. Master F. Hanrihan
  88. Master James Hanrihan
  89. Miss Lillian Hanrihan
  90. Miss Mary Hanrihan
  91. Miss Mary Havey
  92. Mrs. O. Hedlund
  93. Master L. Hedlund
  94. Miss E. Henning
  95. Mr. W. D. Hill
  96. Mrs. W. D. Hill
  97. Mr. Wm. Holmes
  98. Mrs. William Holmes
  99. Mr. A. S. Hooper
  100. Mrs. A. S. Hooper
  101. Master A. Hooper
  102. Miss L. Hooper
  103. Mr. L. Howe
  104. Mr. F. Horstman
  105. Mr. W. C. Howard
  106. Mr. E. Hull
  107. Miss A. Hirstventy
  108. Miss E, Jennings
  109. Mr. H. Johnson
  110. Mrs. H. Johnson
  111. Miss J. Johnson
  112. Miss H. johnson
  113. Mrs. E. E. Jones
  114. Miss E. Jones
  115. Miss Johnson
  116. Mrs. F. R. Johnson and two children
  117. Mrs. M. Jones
  118. Mrs. G. C. Jacobson
  119. Mr. George Jacklin
  120. Miss E. Lamont
  121. Mr. Lager
  122. Mrs. Lager and child
  123. Mr. L. Larson
  124. Mrs. L. Larson
  125. Mrs. W. F. Layton
  126. Mr. H. Levin
  127. Mr. T. H. Lomasney
  128. Miss M. F. Lonergan
  129. Mr. J. J. Long
  130. Mrs. C. Long
  131. Mr. G. A. Lundberg
  132. Miss E. Larson
  133. Mr. Norman MacLellan
  134. Mr. J. McGuiggan
  135. Miss Mary McGuiggan
  136. Miss Mabel McQuiggan
  137. Miss M. McEwan
  138. Mrs. E. J. Melville
  139. Miss E. Miller
  140. Miss E. Mongerson
  141. Miss M. Morgan
  142. Miss Mary Mulligan
  143. Miss B. C. Murphy
  144. Miss J. Murphy
  145. Mr. R. E. Murphy
  146. Mrs. R. E. Murphy
  147. Mr. R. P. Murphy
  148. Miss H. Moran
  149. Mr. Murphy
  150. Mr. Robt. Mayberry
  151. Mr. Patk. Maguire
  152. Miss L. McCullough
  153. Miss E. Manning
  154. Miss N. Mahoney
  155. Miss E. McCormick
  156. Miss Nelson
  157. Mrs. A. Nilson
  158. Miss I. C. Nilson
  159. Mr. H. Nilson
  160. Mrs. A. North and Infant
  161. Miss A. Nelson
  162. Mr. J. O'Connor
  163. Mr. P. M. O'Donnell
  164. Miss M. O'Donoghue
  165. Mrs. F. O'Flanders
  166. Miss E. Olander
  167. Miss E. Olson
  168. Miss E. Olson
  169. Mr. R. C. Ord
  170. Mr. A. Osterlund
  171. Mrs. A. Osterlund
  172. Miss H. Osterlund
  173. Mrs. S. Oxford
  174. Miss E. Ofelt
  175. Mrs. Thomas Parker
  176. Mrs. H. Parkin
  177. Mr. Frank Pell
  178. Mr. R. Peters
  179. Mr. Petrie
  180. Mrs. Petrie
  181. Mr. F. Phalen
  182. Mr. F. Phalen
  183. Mrs. F. Pickles
  184. Miss Ada Pickles
  185. Miss M. Pickles
  186. Mr. Joseph Pill
  187. Mrs. Joseph Pill
  188. Mr. O. Peterson
  189. Mrs. O. Peterson
  190. Miss Mary Peterson
  191. Mr. C. Ramsay
  192. Mr. John Reay
  193. Mr. J. Rendle
  194. Mr. David Rennie
  195. Mrs. David Rennie and Infant
  196. Miss Margaret Rennie
  197. Mrs. C. Rhodes
  198. Miss Annie Rigney
  199. Mr. Roach
  200. Mr. Roach
  201. Mr. M. Rosenberg
  202. Miss I. Roos
  203. Mr. Saflund
  204. Mr. E. Sandberg
  205. Mr. A. R. Sevestre
  206. Mrs. A. R. Sevestre
  207. Mrs. E. B. Shaw
  208. Mrs. Mary Shea
  209. Mrs. J. Sherriff
  210. Mr. Sandberg
  211. Prof. S. Sisson
  212. Mrs. S. Sisson
  213. Mrs. S. Sisson
  214. Miss D. Sigvathsem
  215. Mrs. A. J. Scott
  216. Mrs. M. Streit
  217. Miss D. Streit
  218. Mr. E. Streacie
  219. Mr. Joseph Stafford
  220. Mrs. Joseph Stafford
  221. Miss A. Strogen
  222. Miss F. Strom
  223. Mr. S. Swenson
  224. Mr. A. F. Swanson
  225. Mr. E. Swanson
  226. Mrs. A. Seymour
  227. Miss E. Sullivan
  228. Miss M. Sundberg
  229. Mrs. W. Sunderland
  230. Mr. C. Sullivan
  231. Mrs. G. Sweetman and Infant
  232. Master L. Sweetman
  233. Mr. J. L. Swanson
  234. Mrs. M. Taylor
  235. Mr. T. W. Todd
  236. Mrs. S. Toolan
  237. Mrs. C. Trantvetter
  238. Miss Trantvetter
  239. Mrs. Truesdale
  240. Mr. M. Walsh
  241. Mrs. M. Walsh
  242. Mr. A. Ward
  243. Miss M. Warmuch
  244. Miss L. Webb
  245. Mrs. F. Whitehead
  246. Master H. Whitehead
  247. Miss A. Widerqvist
  248. Mrs. J. Wilson
  249. Mr. R. Woolley
  250. Mrs. R. Wooley
  251. Mrs. A. E. Walker
  252. Mr. A. E. Walker


  1. Mr. A. Anderson
  2. Mr. C. H. Boostrom
  3. Miss N. Christianson
  4. Mr. S. Ellis
  5. Master E. Ellis
  6. Mr. H. Grizard
  7. Mrs. A. Henderson
  8. Miss M. B. Johnson
  9. Master Harold Jones
  10. Miss H. Moreen
  11. Mr. L. Murbreck
  12. Miss A. Olsson
  13. Mrs. J. O'Connell
  14. Miss E. O'Connell
  15. Master M. Powers
  16. Mr. R. Peterson
  17. Mrs. Peterson
  18. Miss C. Ramsay
  19. Miss A. Trickel
  20. Miss M. Thomson
  21. Mr. H. Vedeler
  22. Mrs. Vedeler
  23. Miss S. Vedeler
  24. Mr. C. Woodcock
  25. Mrs. Woodcock and Infant

Landing at Queenstown

  1. Miss M. Brady
  2. Miss A. Casey
  3. Miss C. Caulfield
  4. Mrs. W. B. Coswell
  5. Mr. T. Callahan
  6. Mrs. J. Chaisson
  7. Master W. J. Chaisson
  8. Mr. T. F. Collins
  9. Mr. W. B. Coswell
  10. Mr. J. W. Crowley
  11. Mrs. J. W. Crowley
  12. Miss B. Cusack
  13. Mrs. J. W. Cuff
  14. Miss JUlia Curran
  15. Miss Nora Curran
  16. Miss J. Daly
  17. Miss Mary Duggan
  18. Mrs. J. B. Evers
  19. Mr. B. Fitzpatrick
  20. Miss A. Flynn
  21. Mr. E. Foley
  22. Mr. E. Foley
  23. Miss C. Geoghegan
  24. Miss M. Geoghegan
  25. Miss Nora Gibbons
  26. Miss D. Gill
  27. Mrs. J. E. Hanrihan
  28. Master F. Hanrihan
  29. Master James Hanrihan
  30. Miss Lillian Hanrihan
  31. Miss Mary Hanrihan
  32. Miss E. Jennings
  33. Mrs. W. F. Layton
  34. Mr. T. H. Lomasney
  35. Miss M. F. Lonergan
  36. Mr. J. J. Long
  37. Mr. J. McGuiggan
  38. Miss Mary McGuiggan
  39. Miss Mabel McGuiggan
  40. Miss Mary Mulligan
  41. Miss B. C. Murphy
  42. Miss J. Murphy
  43. Mr. Murphy
  44. Mr. Robt. Mayberry
  45. Miss L. McCullough
  46. Miss E. Manning
  47. Miss N. Mahoney
  48. Mrs. J. O'Connell
  49. MIss E. O'Connell
  50. Mr. J. O'Connor
  51. Mr. P. M. O'Donnell
  52. Miss M. O'Donoghue
  53. Master M. Powers
  54. Miss Annie Rigney
  55. Miss Mary Shea
  56. Mrs. M. Steit
  57. Miss D. Strcit
  58. Mr. E. Steacie
  59. Miss A. Strogen
  60. Miss E. Sullivan
  61. Mr. C. Sullivan
  62. Mrs. G. Sweetman and Infant
  63. Master L. Sweetman
  64. Miss S. Toolan
  65. Mr. M. Walsh
  66. Mrs. M. Walsh

Landing at Fishgurad

  1. Mrs. A. O. Anderson
  2. Mrs. E. Bartup
  3. Miss E. Bartup
  4. Mr. F. C. Blackmore
  5. Mr. George Crossman
  6. Mr. E. Davies
  7. Miss A. Edwards
  8. Miss L. A. Edwards
  9. Mr. E. H. Ekegren
  10. Mrs. E. H. Ekegren
  11. Mr. A. S. Hooper
  12. Mrs. A. S. Hooper
  13. Master A. Hooper
  14. Mr. L. Howe
  15. Mrs. S. Oxford


  • Miss A. Abrahamson shoudl read Mrs. A. Abrahamson
  • Miss M. E. Bell should read Mrs. M. Bell
  • Mrs. R. L. Carlson shoudl read Miss R. L. Carlson
  • Miss J. B. Evers shoudl read Mrs. J. B. Evers
  • Miss E. Foley should read Mr. E. Foley
  • Miss R. Glasgow should read Mrs. R. Glasgow
  • Miss E. Henning should read Mrs. E. Henning
  • Mrs. A. Osterlund should read Mr. A. Osterlund
  • Mr. J. Rendle should read Mrs. J. Rendle
  • Mrs. E. B. Shaw should read Miss E. B. Shaw
  • Mrs. Mary Shea should read Miss Mary Shea
  • Mrs. S. Toolan should read Miss S. Toolan

Passengers Not on Board

  1. Master M. Brady
  2. Mr. Grant
  3. Mrs. Grant
  4. Miss Mary Harvey
  5. Mis H. Moran
  6. Miss E. Olson
  7. Mr. C. Ramsay

Total Second Cabin: 279

The "Laconia" carries an orchestra of highly trained musicians, which will play at the undermentioned
times and places:-

]0-00 to 11 -00 am Second Class Dining Saloon.
1:00 to 2-10:00 pm First Class Dining Saloon.
a-30 to 4:00 pm Second Class Dining Saloon.
7:10 to 8:45:00 pm First Class Dining Saloon.
9:00 to I0-00 pm First Class Drawing Room.

This arrangement may be altered as circumstances necessitate.

Telegraphic Code

For the convenience of Passengers a copy of the Western Union Telegraphic Code is carried on this steamer, which can be referred to on application to the Purser.

Travellers' International Cheques

For the convenience of its Patrons the Cunard Company now issues Cheques of $10.00. $20.00, $50.00 and $100.00, with Foreign money equivalents. at which they will be cashed by its Agents and Correspondents throughout the world, distinctly printed thereon; thus providing not only the safest and most economical means of taking funds abroad. with an absolute certainty as to value, but also a simple and effective means of identification in case of need.

Full information regarding these Cheques will be given on application to any of the Company's principal Agencies throughout the United States.

Passenger List Images and PDF contributed to the Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives By :-

Kenneth Jennings Wooster
Cortland, NY 13045

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