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RMS Berengaria Breakfast Menu 5 August 1927

Breakfast Menu, Cunard Line RMS Berengaria 1927

Elegant Vintage Breakfast Menu from 5 August 1927 on board the RMS Berengaria of the Cunard Line featured an extensive array of offerings including Calf's Liver - Piquante Sauce, Boneless Codfish—Cream Sauce, Mutton Chops, and a wide variety of cereals, fruits, eggs and omelettes, cakes, breads, and beverages.

Breakfast Menu

Cunard Line

RMS Berengaria

Friday, 5 August 1927

Menu Items


  • Grape Fruit
  • Oranges
  • Apples
  • California Figs in Syrup
  • Compote of Prunes
  • Baked Apples with Cream



  • Boneless Codfish—Cream Sauce
  • Fried Lemon Sole
  • Kippered Herring

Eggs and Omelettes

  • Eggs Fried, Turned and Boiled
  • Poached Eggs on Toast
  • Shirred Eggs—Portugaise
  • Scrambled Eggs on Toast
  • Omelettes Various


  • Calf's Liver - Piquante Sauce
  • Chicken Hash
  • Smoked Beef in Cream


  • American and Wiltshire Smoked and Pale Bacon
  • Cumberland Ham
  • Cambridge Sausage
  • Mutton Chops
  • Devilled Beef Bones
  • Potatoes— Mashed, French Fried, Steamed Jacket
  • Cold Meats Assorted
  • Spring Onions
  • Tomatoes
  • Cucumber Radishes


  • Griddle and Buckwheat Cakes—Maple Syrup
  • Waffles

Various Breads

  • White and Graham Rolls
  • Toast
  • Hovis Bread
  • French Toast
  • Cottage Loaves
  • Vienna Bread
  • Pulled Bread
  • Toasted Muffins
  • Scotch Oat Cake
  • Corn Bread
  • Currant Buns
  • Sally Lunns
  • Swedish Bread
  • Triscuit
  • Parkerhouse Rolls
  • Soda Scones
  • French Crescents


  • Marmalade
  • Preserves


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