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Anderson, SC USA

SS Campania Passenger List - 31 August 1895

Front Cover of a Saloon Passenger List for the SS Campania of the Cunard Line, Departing Saturday, 31 August 1895 from New York to Liverpool via Queenstown (Cobh)

Front Cover of a Saloon Passenger List for the SS Campania of the Cunard Line, Departing Saturday, 31 August 1895 from New York to Liverpool via Queenstown (Cobh), Commanded by Captain W. H. P. Hains. GGA Image ID # 174514e1d2

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain W. H. P. Hains (Lt. R.N.R.)
  2. Surgeon, E. Ni. Finucane
  3. Purser, David S. Wallace
  4. Chief Steward Louis Affolter

Saloon Passengers

  1. Mr. C. H. Austin
  2. Mr. Wm. Ashton
  3. Mr. Wm. Anderson
  4. Miss Caroline C. Beekman
  5. Mr. and Mrs. M. Bergmer
  6. Mr. G. F. A. Bondies
  7. Mr. Nicholas C. Benziger
  8. Mr. Osborn W. Bright
  9. Judge A. G. Brice
  10. Mr. B. C. Burnham
  11. Mr. E. Boote
  12. Mr. J. Bateman
  13. Mr. H. R. M. Bremner
  14. Col. Wm H. H. Benyaurd
  15. Mr. John Bolen
  16. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. S. Berry
  17. Mr. G. J. L. de Bruyn
  18. Mr. George Cook
  19. Mr. W. B. Colville
  20. Mr. Thos. Cartwright
  21. Mr. T. Edghill Coles
  22. Lady Clerk and Maid
  23. Mr. R. Lee Campbell
  24. Mr. A. H. Campbell
  25. Mr. John Cobrough
  26. Mr. B. F. Cohen
  27. Mr. Manuel Alvarez Cuervo
  28. Mr. Chaplin
  29. Dr. Stanton Colt
  30. Mrs. J. N. Dolph
  31. Miss Ruth M. Dolph
  32. Miss Mary E. Drake
  33. Mr. Ira C. Davis
  34. Mr. John Dalziel
  35. Capt. Davies
  36. Mlle. D'Egmont
  37. Mr. M. Fitzsimmons
  38. Mr. S. W. Foxton
  39. Mr. J. A. France
  40. Mr. M. G. Gillette
  41. Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Goodhart
  42. Mrs. Greenwood
  43. Mr. A. C. Greenwood
  44. Mrs. Gibson
  45. Miss Gibson
  46. Mr. W. W. Gahche
  47. Mr. John Gibb
  48. Miss Ruth Hawkins
  49. Mr. and Mrs. Julius H. Hablo
  50. Miss J. Harper
  51. Mr. B. Jennings
  52. Mr. J. S. Hitching
  53. Mr. Fred Krause
  54. Mr. James A. Lochore
  55. Capt. and Mrs. H. P. Leader
  56. Mrs. E. H. Lister
  57. Mr. James C. E. Lawson
  58. Mr. A. W. Lake
  59. Mr. Alex Milne
  60. Mr. I. S. Moore
  61. Mr. Morris Moore
  62. Mr. Thomas Miller
  63. Miss Molyneaux
  64. Mr. and Mrs. Levi Mayer
  65. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Moxey
  66. Mr. Fritz Minthe
  67. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. W. Nicholson
  68. Mr. W. Norris
  69. Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Nichols
  70. Mr. H. P. Niies
  71. Mr. Tomas Ona
  72. Miss Edith Allan Paton
  73. Mr. Isaac H. Purdy
  74. Mr. E. H. Pearson
  75. Dr. W. Peape
  76. Rev. Canon Puissant
  77. Mr. Joseph Storm Patterson
  78. Rev. J. Quinlan
  79. Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Rosenbaum
  80. Mr. S. Rothschild
  81. Mr. W. J. Ritchie
  82. Miss May Richards
  83. Miss Clara Richards
  84. Mrs. Dora B. Reece
  85. Mr. A. S. Rossin
  86. Mr. W. W. Rycroft
  87. Mr. John J. Roche
  88. Mr. Ross
  89. Mr. J. B. Stuart
  90. Capt. R. Sturdy
  91. Mr. Burritt H. Shepard
  92. Mr. John Stuart
  93. Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Stuart
  94. Master Douglas Stuart
  95. Miss Margaret Stuart and Nurse
  96. Mr. Edward F. Stephens
  97. Mr. Percy Sanderson; H. B. M. Consul General, New York
  98. Sir. Chas E. Sampson
  99. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Seedhouse
  100. Mr. J. F. Stilwell
  101. Miss Stilwell
  102. Mr. 1. Maxwell Tilden
  103. Mr. K. E. Townroe
  104. Mr. Arthur Warburton
  105. Mr. Fred R. West and Valet
  106. Mr. Thos. W. Wright
  107. Mr. Jas. Osborn Wright
  108. Mr. H. F. Wey
  109. Miss Laura R. Watson
  110. Mr. H. Waddington
  111. Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Weston and Maid
  112. Mr. Thos. W. Wright
  113. Mr. J. K. Whinery
  114. Miss H. Yates
  115. Dr. James Yates
  116. Mr. Robert Ypana
  117. Mr. Jose Zammit

* landed at Queenstown.

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