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RMS Berengaria Private Dinner Party Menu - 21 June 1927

Private Dinner Menu - RMS Berengaria, 1927

Private dinner menu for passengers on board the RMS Berengaria of the Cunard Line on a 1927 westbound voyage that originated from Southampton destined for New York. Menu selections were written in French.

Mr. and Mrs. N. H. Low

Miss Florence and Miss Elsie Low

and Party


  • Cantaloup [Cantaloupe]
  • Sole frite, Remoulade [Fried Sole, with Tarter Sauce]
  • Homard, Newburg [Lobster Newburg - A seafood dish made from lobster, butter, cream, cognac, sherry, [1] eggs and Cayenne pepper]
  • Boeuf Roti, Raifort [Roast Beef with horseradish]
  • Champignons [Mushrooms]
  • Pommes Nouvelles [New Potatoes]
  • Salade [Salad]
  • Crepe Suzette [Crêpe with a hot sauce of caramelized sugar, orange juice, lightly grated orange peel and liqueur]
  • Dessert
  • Cafe

RMS Berengaria - June 21, 1927.

Menu Items

Information about Menu

  • Date: 21 June 1927
  • Vessel: Berengaria
  • Class: Cabin
  • Pages (Printed): 3
  • Dimensions: 10.1 x 13.1 cm

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