SS Rhein Luncheon Menu - 27 May 1910

Front Cover, SS Rhein Luncheon Menu - 27 May 1910

Beautifully Ornate and Colorful Illustration on the Front Cover Entitled "the Old Oaken Bucket," on a Luncheon Menu for an Unnamed Class of Passengers for the Friday, 27 May 1910 Eastbound Voyage of the SS Rhein of the North German Lloyd (Norddeutscher Lloyd Bremen). the Menu Featured Pig's Knuckles, Sauerkohl, Purrée of Potatoes and Smoked Haddock, Marinated Herrings. Written in English and German. GGA Image ID # 155d4c8a6c

Menu Items

S. S. RHEIN May 27th 1910.

Clam-chowder Bouillon en Tasse

Poultry giblets maitre d'hôtel, Boiled Potatoes

Pig's knukles, Sauerkohl, Purrée of Potatoesk

Swedish Apple Tart


Smoked Haddock, Marinated Herrings

Sablath Sausage, Smoked Beef, Roast Beef

SALAD : Potato-, - à la Emma, English-,

Cornichons, Mustard Cucumbers, Radishes

Dutch Cheese

TO ORDER: Coffee

Menu Items, SS Rhein Luncheon Menu - 27 May 1910

U. Frühstück

Menu Items in German, SS Rhein Luncheon Menu - 27 May 1910

Dampfer RHEIN den 27. Mai 1910.

Clam-chowder, Bouillon in Taße

Geflugelklein, Haushofmeister Art, Gek. Kartoffeln


Sauerkohl, Kartoffelpurree

Schwedische Apfeltorte


Geräucherter Schellfisch, Marinierte Heringe

Mettwurst, Rauchfleisch, Roastbeef

SALATE : Kartoffel-, - nach Emma, Englischer-,

Essig- and Senfgurken, Radießchen



Back Cover, SS Rhein Luncheon Menu - 27 May 1910

Menu Information

  • Number of Pages: 4
  • Language(s): English, German
  • Dimensions: 10.7 x 19.6 cm
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