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Passenger Lists by Port City

The Deutschland departs from Cuxhaven for New York

Organized by Port of Call, the listings for Digitized Passenger Lists of the GG Archives typically include the date, vessel, route and class for voyages that originated from or called upon a port listed. Bolded port cities are those in which we have the most passenger lists.

Some of our largest collections have been split into several pages, indicated by the years dirctly below the port city such as Boulogne-sur-Mer (1900-1927 and 1928-1939); Cherbourg (1899-1922; 1923-1932 and 1933-1947); Liverpool (1881-1905; 1906-1922 and 1923-1946); New York (1881-1899, 1900-1905, 1906-1911, 1912-1921, 1922-1925, 1926-1928, 1929-1934, 1935-1939, and 1946-1954); and Southampton (1893-1911, 1912-1925, 1926-1934, and 1935-1954).

Smaller Collections of Digitized Passenger Lists

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