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Port of Buenos Aires Passenger Lists

Buenos Aires is the capital and largest city of Argentina, and the second-largest metropolitan area in South America. The Port of Buenos Aires is the principal maritime port in Argentina. Operated by the Administración General de Puertos (General Ports Administration), a State enterprise, it is the leading transshipment point for the foreign trade of Argentina.

The port, known as Puerto Madero, had by 1907 become insufficient to meet growing maritime traffic. Puerto Madero, and its complementary Catalinas docks, could handle a maximum of 30,000 tons of cereals daily (cereals were the leading export of Argentina, and the foreign exchange these shipments earned were key to the mercantile model of the time).

1935-06-01 SS Asturias

1935-06-01 SS Asturias

  • Steamship Line: Royal Mail Lines
  • Class of Passengers: First and Second Saloon
  • Date of Departure: circa 1 June 1935 (Note 1)
  • Route: Southampton to Buenos Aires via London (Tilbury), Cherbourg, Boulogne-sur-Mer, Spain (Coruña Galicia [A Coruña], Las Palmas, Vigo), Portugal (Leixöes, Lisbon), Madeira, St. Vincent, Cape Verde Island, Brazil (Bahia, Pernambuco [Recife], Rio de Janeiro, Santos, São Paulo), Montevideo, Uruguay
  • Commander: Captain A. Purvis
  • Note 1: Passenger List did not provide departure date from Southampton - Only the Arrival date (18 June 1935) for Buenos Aires Argentina
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