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Passenger List Images by Steamship Line

All our Passenger List-related images organized by Steamship Line, Ship, and Date, used throughout this section to illustrate the numerous ships lists and other items throughout this section.

Front Cover: Saloon Class Passenger List for the RMS Grampian of the Allan Line Dated 21 August 1909.

Allan Line Royal Mail Steamers

The Allan Shipping Line was started in 1819, by Captain Alexander Allan of Saltcoats, Ayrshire, trading and transporting between Scotland and Montreal, a route which quickly became synonymous with the Allan Line. By the 1830s the company had offices in Glasgow, Liverpool and Montreal.

Front Cover: One Class Passenger List for the SS Excalibur of the American Export Lines Dated 18 March 1938.

American Export Lines

American Export-Isbrandtsen Lines, New York, was the leading US-flag shipping company between the U.S. east coast and the Mediterranean from 1919 to 1977, offering both cargo ship services and passenger ship services, until it declared bankruptcy and was acquired by Farrell Lines, New York.

Front Cover: Cabin Class Passenger List for the SS Friesland of the American Line Dated 16 August 1905.

American Line

The American Line was a shipping company founded in 1871 and based in Philadelphia. It began as part of the Pennsylvania Railroad, although the railroad got out of the shipping business soon after founding the company.

Front Cover: Cabin Class Passenger List for the SS Athenia of the Anchor-Donaldson Line Dated 8 May 1925.

Anchor-Donaldson Line

Anchor-Donaldson Line offered transatlantic steamship passenger services between the ports of Glasgow, Moville and Liverpool in the UK and the Canadian ports of Quebec and Montreal, Toronto, Halifax, St. John and the US Port of Portland, Maine.

Front Cover: Cabin Class Passenger List for the SS Anchoria of the Anchor Line Dated 4 June 1903.

Anchor Line

Anchor Line was a Scottish merchant shipping company that was founded in 1855 and dissolved in 1980. From 1911 to 1935 it was owned by Cunard.


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