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Travel Brochures & Pamphlets - Steamships & Ocean Liners

Steamship Passengers Browsing Through Brochures at a Kiosk in the Early 1900s.

Steamship Passengers Browsing Through Brochures at a Kiosk in the Early 1900s.
From a Photographic Plate, Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives

Collage of Steamship and Maritime Brochures available at the Archives

Travel brochures from the Steamships and Ocean Liners offer the Family History Researcher an incredible opportunity to lear more about the accommodations, rates for passage, the steamships and they offer numerous interior and exterior photographs - great for augmenting the family history. An excellent Genealogy Resource!

Alan Line

1907 Second Cabin Brochure from the Allan Line Royal Mail Steamers

Second Cabin Accommodations - 1908

Superb early twentieth century brochure provides information on second cabin passenger accommodations, sample menu, a complete Allan Line fleet list, many interior photographs, deck plans and photographs of the officers and crew of the S. S. Corsican.

American Line

American Line, Southampton - New York Service, First Cabin Rates - 1901 Brochure

Southampton - New York Service & First Cabin Rates - 1901

1901 Brochure covers First Cabin Travel on the Steamships of the American Line and includes Deck Plans, Rates for Transatlantic Travel (Southampton - New York Service via Cherbourg) and General Passenger Information.

American Line 1907 Brochure - Philadelphia - Queenstown - Liverpool

Second Cabin Accommodations & Services - 1907

Brochure covers the American Line Philadelphia to Queenstown (Cobh) to Liverpool service in 1907. Offers a schedule of sailings, rates and bill of fare (typical food served for each meal) and includes information for passengers for each port of call, other points of interest, railways and rates. Special sections on Scandinavian ports, purchasing return tickets, foreign money, valuables and passport requirements. Brochure includes ten interior and exterior photographs.

Anchor Line

1902 Anchor Line Brochure

Second Saloon & Third Class Rates & Accomodations - 1902

This small brochure packs a lot of information about accommodations for their immigrant passengers traveling in second saloon and third class at the turn of the twentieth century. Provides fares charged between Glasgow, Londonderry and New York for Second Saloon and Third Class.

1911 Anchor Line Brochure - Excursion Season

Anchor Line Excursions & Specal Attractions 1911

Comprehensive brochure offers 14 photographs and illustrations with a glimpse of first class travel circa 1910 featuring the steamship Columbia. Includes a great photograph of the Anchor Line Pier filled with people meeting the ship. Features large photographs of the promenade deck, first cabin dining saloon and stateroom. Gives a brief description of second cabin accommodations.

Information for Passengers - a 1912 brochure from Anchor Line

Ireland, Scotland & England Tours 1912

Exquisite brochure from 1912 offers an excellent glimpse of cabin class travel aboard steamships of that era. This booklet was produced after the Anchor Line's Newest steamship - The Cameronia in 1911. This brochure is nearly identical in content to their 1911 Brochure of Special Attractions for the Excursion Season (above). Offers additional photographs of the T. S. S. California and Caledonia, First Cabin Music Saloon and Smoking Room, and four female passengers Enjoying the View On Deck.

The New Anchor Line Fleet - 1926 - Anchor Line to Ireland & Scotland

Anchor Line Fleet & Tours to Ireland & Scotland 1926

24 Pages packed with 22 Photographs, mostly interior views - Cabin Class. Covers the Caledonia, California, Cameronia, Transylvania and Tuscania. Includes Anchor Line Map of Irish Coast & Firth of Clyde. Excellent large photographs make this an exceptional brochure.

Baltic-American Line

Baltic America Line 1912 Brochure

Baltic-American Line Fleet and Services - 1920s

This post World War I brochure published circa 1920 offers a rare look at the Baltic-American Line and its fleet of steamships consisting of the Latvia, Polonia, Lituania and Estonia. This line covered the routes between New York, Hamburg, Danzig, Libau and Halifax. Large interior and exterior photographs offers views of an intermediate class steamship. Also provides 54 pages packed with information about the services, accommodations, speed, and rates with 33 illustrations and Photographs including a large map of their transatlantic routes. Their fleet of three steamers included the S.S. Latvia, S.S. Polonia and S.S. Lituania.

Note: Brochure Indicates the Steamship Line name as "Baltic America Line", however, most references to this line use "Baltic-American Line".

Baltimore Mail Line

1930s Brochure: Outstanding Travel Value to Europe - Baltimore Mail Line - New Ships, One Class, Low Cost

New Ships, One Class, Low Cost - 1930s

This 1930s Brochure offers many interior and exterior views of their transatlantic steamships of the Baltimore Mail Line with routes between Baltimore, Norfolk, Havre and Hamburg.

Baltimore Mail Line, Information for Passengers - 1932

Information for Passengers - 1932

Rare Passenger Booklet from Baltimore Mail Line covers everything that their patrons would need to know about their voyage. Unlike many of the passenger steamship lines, the Baltimore Mail Line printed the Information for Passengers separate from the Passenger Lists.

Baltimore Mail Line, Information for Passengers - 1932

Europe from Baltimore and Norfolk - 1936

For as little as $100 you can make the crossing—for $185 the round trip. Sailing on the Baltimore Mail Line, too, offers a new route—off the beaten steamship lane—out to sea by the beautiful Chesapeake Bay, through historic Hampton Roads. You can sail either from Baltimore or Norfolk and step ashore at the dock in Europe.

Canadian Pacific (CPOS)

Front Cover, Cabin Service To Europe - 1927

Cabin Service To Europe - 1927

Offers service Between Montreal and Quebec and Southampton-Liverpool. Glasgow-Belfast, Cherbourg-Antwerp, Queenstown-Hamburg, From Saint John NB in Winter. 24 Pages. Photographs include: Several scenes of the Cabin Class Lounge; Drawing Room; Writing Room, Children's Play Room x2, Dining Room x2, Smoking Room x2, Four-Berth Cabin, Two-Bed Cabin with attached bathroom, Companion Bed Stateroom, Two-Bed Stateroom - Old-Style Phone hanging on wall, Gymnasium, S.S. Montcalm, Entrance Hall, Exercising on Deck, Shuffle-board on Deck, Relaxing on the Broad Deck. Destination Scene photos include: The Tower of London and the Tower Bridge, Shakespeare's Birthplace, Stratford-on-Avon; Avenue des Champs Elysées in Paris; Windsor Castle

CGT French Line

1912 Launch Booklet on the S.S. France (Superb Brochure with many interior photographs)

The Launching of the S.S. France - 1912

Superb Brochure with many interior photographs

La Paquebot "France" - French Language Version / Version Français

S.S. "France" - Version Anglais / English Version

Cunard Line

1893 Cunard Passenger's Log Book

The Cunard Passenger Log Book - 1893

Rare brochure provides an excellent source for understanding the history and operations of a steamship including crew requirements.

1902-12 The Story of the Cunard Line

The Story of the Cunard Line - December 1902

Happily the Cunard Steamship Company, Limited-- one of the oldest and most famous of British steam navigation undertakings--was one of those concerns which elected to remain independent and outside the scope of the great Trust ; and, with the support and co-operation of the British Government, it has, within the past few months, entered upon a new chapter in its history, under conditions which are likely to maintain the splendid traditions of the Cunard Line. This is a history of the Cunard Line through 1902.

1912 Cunard Line R.M.S. Franconia and Laconia

R.M.S. Franconia & R.M.S. Laconia - 1912

Superb and extremely rare brochure covering these two short-lived sister ships used in the Liverpool to Boston trade.

Service to Boston by the Cunard Line - 1914

Cunard Services to Historic Boston - 1914

1914 brochure provides an overview of the port of boston, the Cunard Line piers and the hsitory of the Cunard Line in the Boston to Liverpool route starting with the sailing of the Britannia in 1840.

Passengers' Guide to the R.M.S. Mauretania from 1921

Cunard Line Passenger's Guide to the R.M.S. Mauretania - 1921

1921 brochure covers Saloon and Second Class accommodations, Cutout indicates what is located in Decks A through E and a listing and information about Ocean Sign Posts.

Dollar Steamship Lines

Dollar Steamship Line - The President Liners - 1925

The President Liners - 1925

The Dollar Steamship President Liners offers a distinctively higher standard of luxury, comfort and convenience a standard designed to meet the requirements of ocean voyagers. 16 Page brochure features 12 large photographs of interiors and passengers and 4 half-size photographs of interiors and passengers. Dollar Steamship Line fleet included President Van Buren, President Monroe, President Harrison, President Adams, President Garfield, President Hayes and President Polk.

Dominion Line

1900 Brochure Dominion Line Steamships - Book of Views - The Fleet of the Dominion Line

Book of Views & Fleet of the Dominion Line - 1900

Excellent brochure from the Dominion Line circa 1900 that provided a number of views of their fleet of steamships, facts about their fleet and views of their first, second and thrid class accommodations.

Hamburg-American Line

The 1890 European Traveler's Memorandum Book

European Travelers Memorandum Book - 1890

1890 booklet was enclosed in a cloth ticket pouch issued by C.B. Richard and Co., General Passenger Agents of the Hamburg-American Line to their customers from 1890 to 1891. It included 31 pages covering travel to Europe - with an emphasis on first class travelers, but appropriate for all classes. There were no photographs within this brochure. Provides information on the services of Hamburg-American Line, First, Second and Steerage Class Accommodations, Affiliated Lines, Officers, Deciphering Cable Messages and Listing of European Hotels.

Across The Atlantic - Hamburg-American Line 1905 Brochure

Across the Atlantic with the Hamburg-American Line - 1905

Across The Atlantic : Photographic Record of the Company's Various Types of Steamers Comprised in the Transatlantic Passenger Services. Although small in size, this 80 page booklet / brochure from 1905 provides an excellent record of the steamships and services of the Transatlantic Fleet of the Hamburg-American Line. Superb Photographs.

Northland Cruise - 1908 Book of Photographs

Northland Cruise Book of Photographs - 1908

A priceless photographic record of the Fleet of the Hamburg-American Line and the Cities, Towns, Fjords of Norway. Excellent photographic quality of these prints makes this an exception collection of the Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives. The selections of these superb photographs are organized by general topics or subjects.

The New Twin Screw Steamship Deutschland (1924)

New Twin Screw Steamship Deutschland - 1924

Among the special features of the “Deutschland” are gymnasium, grill room, passenger elevator, dark room for amateur photographers, electric light baths, ocean picture equipment. The cuisine and service is of the high standard which for seventy-five years has made the Hamburg-American Line famous in ocean travel. The steamer “Deutschland” is like her sister ship “Albert Ballin,” a twin-screw turbine steamer of 21,000 tons gross register. Her length over all is 627 feet, her width 73 feet, and from the boat deck to keel 80 feet deep. Two sets of turbine engines give her a speed of 15 1/2 knots. The new system of anti-rolling tanks with which the “Deutschland” and “Albert Ballin” are the first to be equipped, insures the greatest degree of steadiness in all weather conditions.

In der Dritten Klasse nach Nordamerika - 1938

In the Third Class to North America - 1938

Well preserved brochure that was published prior to the beginning of the European conflict that became World War II. Superb photography makes this an excecptional record of the Third Class accommodations on the steamships Deutschland, New York, Hamburg and the Hansa. Superb photography makes this an excecptional record of the Third Class accommodations on the steamships Deutschland, New York, Hamburg and the Hansa. (English Translation of "In der dritten Klasse nach Nordamerika.

Original German Version: In der dritten Klasse nach Nordamerika

Lamport & Holt Line

1927 Travel Brochure: Tourist 3rd Cabin to South America

Tourist Third Cabin to South America - 1927

1927 travel brochure by the Lamport & Holt Line for Tourist Third Cabin to South America. A 58-Day Tour from New York complete with photographs of the ship, including interior views and location scenes. 58 Day Tour by the Luxurious Oil-Burning Steamer Vandyck Leaving New York June 25th, 1927 and Returning August 22nd, 1927, Visiting Barbadow, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Santos, Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Tranidad. Photographs include: S.S. Vandyck, Deck Scene, Passenger Party, Neptune Ceremony (Passenger Party), Relaxing on the Promenade Deck, Port of Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, collage of Scenes at Rio de Janeiro.

North German Lloyd

1889 The Short Route to London via Southampton and the Continent

Short Route to London via Southampton & the Continent - 1889

Brochure prepared by the New York Agents of the Norddeutscher Lloyd Bremen Steamship Line in 1889 - The year of the Paris Exhibition. As a convenient pocket size guide, the brochure provided a lot of good information about the Norddeutcher Lloyd, its fleet and acccommodations for First and Second Cabin passengers. rochure contains the History and Operating Results for 1896 on the North German Lloyd Steamship Company. Text is old German Fancy Script which cannot be read via OCR. Photographs of S.S. Kaiser Wilhelm II and four interior photos are included.

Norddeutscher Lloyd Bremen 1896 Berliner Cewerbe-Aussstellung

Berliner Cewerbe-Aussstellung

Brochure Contents are printed using a old German Script which cannot be deciphered by those unfamiliar with the script. First 16 Pages contain mostly text with 5 photographs of interior views of steamships of the North German Line Fleet.


RMSP - Service to New York - First and Second Class - 1921

RMSP - Service to New York - First and Second Class - 1921

Superb brochure from the R.M.S.P. (Royal Mail Steam Packet Service) described accommodations and services for first and second class passengers. Thier fleet of ships provided service betwen New York. Hambourg, Southampton, and Cherbourg. 11 Interior Photographs and a large fold-out Route Map.

Original French Brochure: La Compagnie Royal Mail Steam Packet - RMSP Service de New York - Premières et Deuxèmes Classes

Scandinavian American Line

1917 Brochure from the Scandinavian American Line

Scandinavian American Line Services, Accomodations and Fleet - 1917

1917 Brochure covers History, Fleet, Accommodations (First, Second and Third Class), Connections at Ports, Information on Scandinavia and Offices and Agencies. The Line offered regular service between New York, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

1920s Passenger Service To and From Northern Europe - Scandinavian-American Line

Passenger Service To & From Northern Europe - 1920s

16-page brochure from Scandinavian-American Line is devoted to thier cabin service to and from Northern Europe. It contains information for passengers about their fleet and cabin accommodation. Second half of brochure (not uploaded) consists of two pages about the Countries of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark (Scandinavia), and Continental Tours from Copenhagen.

United States Lines

Front Cover

Third Class Passage to Europe - 1920s

Ships included in this brochure include the great Leviathan, the largest liner in the world; the popular George Washington; the America, largest "cabin" ship in the world; the famous "President" ships, President Harding and President Roosevelt, and the newly reconditioned Republic.

Front Cover of the 1923 Brochure - The Steamship Leviathan

The Steamship Leviathan - 1923

Experience the grand elegance of this luxurious liner - many large photographs complement this excellent brochure.

Front Cover United States Lines Log 1938

Spring & Summer Travel Log Number - 1938

1938 USL Brochure covers the Officers and Staff, Scenes of Voyages and Passengers, Interior Photographs and Sailings to Europe for 1938.

White Star Line

1907 White Star Line Brochure

White Star Line Royal & U.S. Mail Steamers - 1907

40 pages of great information and photographs makes this an excellent brochure from the White Star Line covering all three classes of services at the height of the transatlantic immigrant trade. Profusely illustrated with many photographs of the ships and accommodations.

Front Cover

Famous Big 4 of the New York - Liverpool Service - 1909

The Famous Big 4 of the New York Liverpool Serivce - The Adriatic, Baltic, Cedric and Celtic - 8 Page brochures packed with photos (Interior and exterior) and information about the ships.

Majestic - The World's Largest Ship - 1922 Brochure

Majestic: The World's Largest Ship - 1922

One of the finest brochures issued by the New York Office of the White Star Line. It covers the first class accommodations with a visual record of the grand luxury of the public area, dining salooon, lounges with a few photographs of the elegant second class accommodations.

Multi/Joint Lines

Fig 113 Types Of Baggage Labels

Travel Guide - Transatlantic Steamships - 1910

Comprehensive brochure on Transatlantic ocean travel published by Scientific American. Profusely illustrated and breadth of content makes this an exceptional brochure from this period in history.

1923-05 Ocean Records: A Pocket Handbook for Travelers, Fifth Edition

Ocean Records: Pocket Handbook for Travelers - 1923

With this Edition, OCEAN RECORDS enters the third year of its career of usefulness to the traveling public. Not only among readers of WORLD TRAVELER, hut among travelers generally, the little handbook has made acquaintances and friends, until the latter are actually numbered by hundreds of thousands. Numerous public libraries are using OCEAN RECORDS as a work of reference, and we have reason to believe that the little volume is fulfilling the design of its compiler, which was to make it of the greatest possible value to the greatest number of people.

Passage Regulations Brochure from 1924

Passage Regulations to North America - 1924

Hamburg-Amerika Linie and United American Lines (Harriman Line)

Superb brochure, issued jointly by the German Steamship Lines of Hamburg-Amerika Linie and United American Lines (Harriman Line) provides the complete Passage regulations for First, Second and Cabin Class Passengers to North America. Brochure is in English and offers a glimpse of the effects of WWI War Reporations and Prohibition.

What to Know About Ocean Travel by IMM 1924

What to Know About Ocean Travel - 1924

Published by the International Mercantile Marine Company, this brochure is the A to Z guide for the frequent transatlantic traveler of 1924.

Other Maritime Brochures

Trondheim Harbour, Norway - 1961 Brochure

Trondheim Harbour, Norway - 1961

1961 brochure was editied by the late Arvid Gjønvik, a member of the Gjenvick-Gjønvik Family, Includes 40 photographs and 11 charts, maps and illustrations of the harbor.

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