Port of Montevideo, Uruguay Passenger Lists

Harbor Scene in the Port of Montevideo in 1907

Harbor Scene in the Port of Montevideo in 1907. GGA Image ID # 1455f082e6

Port of Montevideo, seen from the South - 1907

Port of Montevideo, seen from the South - 1907. GGA Image ID # 145614d041

Pier at Montevideo, Uruguay

Pier at Montevideo, Uruguay ca 1910. GGA Image ID # 14567c1688

Harbor of Montevideo, Uraguay - 1919.

Harbor of Montevideo, Uraguay - 1919. GGA Image ID # 1456e025b6

Montevideo is the capital and largest city of Uruguay. Situated on the north shore of the Río de la Plata, the port sits on the arm of the Atlantic Ocean that separates the south coast of Uruguay from the north coast of Argentina.

Digitized Passenger Lists for the Port of Montevideo, Uruguay

1935-06-01 SS Asturias

1935-06-01 SS Asturias Passenger List

  • Steamship Line: Royal Mail Lines
  • Class of Passengers: First and Second Saloon
  • Date of Departure: circa 1 June 1935 (Note 1)
  • Route: Southampton to Buenos Aires via London (Tilbury), Cherbourg, Boulogne-sur-Mer, Spain (Coruña Galicia [A Coruña], Las Palmas, Vigo), Portugal (Leixöes, Lisbon), Madeira, St. Vincent, Cape Verde Island, Brazil (Bahia, Pernambuco [Recife], Rio de Janeiro, Santos, São Paulo), Montevideo, Uruguay
  • Commander: Captain A. Purvis
  • Note 1: Passenger List did not provide departure date from Southampton - Only the Arrival date (18 June 1935) for Buenos Aires Argentina
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