Passenger Lists by Year of Voyage

Passenger Lists by Year of Voyage - Sorted by Month and Day

Organized by Year of Voyage, the listings for Passenger Lists of the Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archive typically include the date, vessel, route and class for voyages that originated from or called upon a port listed.

Note that all of these listings by Year are far from complete. They represent only the transcribed portion of our passenger list collection (currently about 30%). We recommend that you check passenger lists by spedific steamship line to view our complete index to our collection.

Ship Passenger Lists 1800s

Ship Passenger Lists 1900s

* We do not actively collect post 1954 - these were strays

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Passenger Lists for Other Steamship Lines

  • Other Steamship Lines
    Aberdeen Line, Anchor-Donaldson Line, American Mail Line, Donaldson-Atlantic Line, Donaldson Line, Furness-Bermuda Line, Grace Line, Home Lines, KNSM Royal Netherlands, NFDS, Orient Line, PSNC, Royal Mail Line, State Line Steam Ship Company, White Star-Dominion.

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