Ship Passenger Lists (the 1880s through the 1950s)

Ship Passenger Lists (the 1880s through the 1950s)

Your Source for Ship Passenger Lists - USA, Canada, Australia, and Other World Ports, from the 1880s - 1954.

Early passenger lists were handwritten, but once printing presses became commonplace on many steamships, the ship manifests became a souvenir of the voyage. The covers of many of the older lists contained superb graphics and are highly prized by collectors.

The GG Archives has an extensive collection of these passenger records in our Maritime Collection. Our most extensive holdings of ship passenger arrival records are for the Cunard Line / Cunard White Star Line.

The lists of passengers vary considerably between steamship lines in terms of information provided on each passenger. Additionally, on many voyages, each class received a separate passenger list. In contrast, others combined multiple classes into one or two lists for the same voyage. Newspaper reporters of the era were usually on hand to review passenger arrivals for VIPs and other noteworthy passengers.

Passenger List, Allan Line TSS Grampian, 1909, Glasgow to Quebec and Montreal

Allan Line Royal Mail Steamers Passenger Lists

Our collection of the rare Allan Line passenger lists are from the years 1891 through 1913. Their cover graphics ranged from very dull to exquisitely colorful branded images. They operated transatlantic steamships between ports of call in the UK and North America.

1938-03-18 Passenger List for SS Excalibur

American Export Lines Passenger Lists

Our collection of the one-class American Line transatlantic voyages is from 1932 to 1954. Three Cover designs dominated these years with an Avant-garde in the mid-1930s to the tall sailing ship in the 1950s. They offered both Cargo and Passenger services between New York and the Mediterranean, principally Gibraltar, Cannes, Genoa, and Naples.

Passenger Manifest Cover, August 1910 Westbound Voyage - SS New York

American Line Passenger Lists (1893-1924)

The often colorful, intricate cover designs dominated the early years of our American Line passenger list collection ranging from 1893 to 1924. The IMM steamship line covered the transatlantic routes between the ports of Southampton and New York, Liverpool, and Philadelphia and calling on Cherbourg, Queenstown (Cobh), and sometimes Plymouth.

Front Cover, Passenger List, SS American Farmer, American Merchant Lines, June 1934, London to New York

American Merchant Lines Passenger Lists

As a Division of the United States Lines, American Merchant Lines operated transatlantic services between the ports of New York, Plymouth, and London. Passenger lists from their one-class voyages between 1928-1936 were characteristic unimaginative.

Anchor Line Passenger Manifest from 1890 on board the SS Circassia - Saloon Passengers

Anchor Line Passenger Lists

The transatlantic voyages of the Anchor Line typically operated between Glasgow, Scotland, and New York with stops in Moville, Liverpool, Queenstown (Cobh), and Halifax N.S. with our collection covering the years 1883-1938. Their cover designs were uniquely colorful and varied until standardized in the mid-1930s.

Passenger List, Atlantic Transport Line SS Marquette 1899

Atlantic Transport Line Passenger Lists

The Atlantic Transport Line operated transatlantic passenger service primarily between New York and London from 1881 to 1936. It was an American owned company that was operated by the British and sailed under the British flag. Our collection ranges from 1899-1931 with a handful of different graphic cover designs.

1935-01-12 City Of Newport News Passenger Manifest

Baltimore Mail Line Passenger Lists

The short-lived Baltimore Mail Line, aka Baltimore Mail Steamship Company, was primarily a mail and cargo line that also carried a limited number of tourist class passengers. They operated only during the depression era (1931-1938) with regular weekly service between the Ports of Baltimore, Norfolk, Le Havre, France, and Hamburg, Germany. Our collection covers the years 1932-1938.

1924-05-23 SS Marloch

Canadian Pacific Line Passenger Lists

Canadian Pacific began operating transatlantic steamships in 1903 until 1915 when it spun off the steamship portion of its business into the Canadian Pacific Steamships Ocean Services Ltd. Our collection of Candian Pacific Line passenger lists dates from 1908-1953. They offered First Class and Cabin Service between Canadian and European ports of call.

1904-10-04 SS Carpathia

Cunard Line Passenger Lists

Our most extensive collection of Cunard Line passenger lists dates from 1881-1954. The early years offered far more intricate cover graphics than the later years. The British line brought a lot of European immigrants to North America in the steerage class, later evolving into third class.

1938-10-15 RMS Britannic

Cunard White Star Line Passenger Lists (1934-1949)

The Cunard White Star Line was formed as a merger of the two once giant steamship lines - The Cunard Steam Ship Company and the White Star Line and operated from 1934-1949.

1903-05-16 SS Vancouver

Dominion Line Passenger Lists

Dominion Line Royal Mail Steamers offered excellent accommodations for Saloon, Second Cabin, and Steerage passengers at moderate rates. Ports of call included Liverpool, Halifax, Boston, Portland (ME), Quebec, Montreal, Naples, Azores, and Queenstown (Cobh).

1929-07-02 SS Providence

Fabre Line Passenger Lists

Fabre Lines (Compagnie de Navigation Cyprien-Fabre) ports of call included New York, Providence, Horta, Angra (Angra do Heroísmo), Ponta Delgada, Lisbon, Barcelona, Marseilles, Algiers, Naples, and Nice.

Established in 1911, the “Fabre Line,” a French steamship company of Marseilles, France, turned the Port of Providence into one of the major immigrant arrival destinations in America.

Fabre Line of steamers carrying freight and passengers, sail about every ten days. Ships include Santa Ana, Venezia, Madonna, Roma, Germania, Provincia. Gallia, Massilia.

1887-02-05 SS La Champagne

CGT French Line Passenger Lists

The French Line (Compagnie Générale Transatlantique) had regular sailings between New York, Plymouth (England), and Le Havre. Their steamships included the SS Paris, SS France, SS Normandie, SS Lafayette, SS Rochambeau, SS Chicago, and others.

Passenger Manifest, SS Cincinnati, Hamburg America Line, September 1910

Hamburg America Line Passenger Lists

Hamburg American Line was one of the major steamship companies to handle the immigrant trade. Their primary route was Hamburg to New York via Southampton.

Passenger Manifest, Potsdam, 2 August 1913

Holland-America Line Passenger Lists

The Holland-America Line, a Steamship Company of the Netherlands that covered the transatlantic routes between the ports of Rotterdam and New York, and occasionally calling on the ports of Boulogne-sur-Mer, Plymouth, Southampton, Boston, and Halifax.

Front Cover of a Saloon Class Passenger List from the SS City of Chester of the Inman Line, Departing 18 October 1881 from Liverpool to New York.

Inman Line Passenger Lists

Founded in 1850, The Inman Line was one of the three largest 19th-century British passenger shipping companies on the North Atlantic, along with the White Star Line and Cunard Line. In 1993, it was absorbed into American Line.

1929-08-25 SS Saturnia

Italian Steamship Lines Passenger Lists

Our Italian Steamship Lines Passenger List collection is comprised of Italia-Sabaudo, Lloyd Sabaudo, NGI-Italian Line, and Societa di Navigazione Italia, transporting passengers between New York and Italian ports.

1901-10-05 Passenger List for the SS Devonian

Leyland Line Passenger Lists

The Leyland Line formed during the early 1880s sailed between Boston and Liverpool and was one of the pioneers in presenting accommodations for first-class passengers exclusively, on steamers of considerable tonnage and steady sea-going qualities.

1901-02-19 SS Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse

North German Lloyd Passenger Lists

The North German Lloyd (Norddeutscher Lloyd Bremen) runs many lines from its headquarters at Bremen; among them are those to New York - a line of express steamers and a line of ordinary mail steamers, all calling at Southampton or Cherbourg.

1935-07-27 Passenger List for the SS Bergensfjord

Norwegian-America Line (NAL) Passenger Lists

The NAL made transatlantic voyages between Oslo and New York with the following Ocean Liners: Kristianiafjord, Bergensfjord, Oslofjord, and Stavangerfjord during the period covered by the GG Archives.

Passenger List, Aberdeen Line TSS Demosthenes - 1926 - Front Cover

Other Steamship Lines Passenger Lists

Our smaller collections include Aberdeen Line, Anchor-Donaldson Line, American Mail Line, Donaldson-Atlantic Line, Donaldson Line, Furness-Bermuda Line, Grace Line, Home Lines, Inman Line, KNSM, NFDS (Nordenfjeldske), Orient Line, PSNC, Royal Mail Lines, State Line, White Star-Dominion Line, and the Yeoward Line.

Passenger Manifest, Red Star Line SS Vaderland, 1901, Antwerp to New York (Front Cover)

Red Star Line Passenger Lists

Outstanding service is that of the Red Star Line from the ports of New York and Philadelphia to Belgium via England and France. In this are engaged such splendid steamers as the Belgenland, famous for her winter world cruises, the Lapland and the Cabin class steamers, Pennland and Zeeland.

1923-12-19 SS Orca

Royal Mail Steam Packet Company Passenger Lists

Passenger Lists of the R.M.S.P. - The Royal Mail Steam Packet Company that provided transatlantic passenger services to and from Hamburg, Cherbourg, Southampton and New York and on occasion Quebec.

1905-08-23 SS Hellig Olav

Scandinavian American Line Passenger Lists

Favored today by those who cross the Atlantic for pleasure and for business, the Scandinavian-American Line -- the descriptive name under which the company operates its passenger service between the United States and the Scandinavian countries, typifies everything that makes ocean travel a delight.

1946-07-09 SS Drottningholm

Swedish American Line Passenger Lists

The Swedish American Line began transatlantic service in 1915 and offered passenger, freight, and mail service direct between New York and Gothenburg, Sweden. They provided excellent passenger accommodations carrying first, second, and third-class passengers with exceptional cuisine. In New York, the express ocean liners dock at Pier 97, North River, foot of West 57th street.

1939-07-14 RMS Windsor Castle

Union-Castle Line Passenger Lists

The Royal steamships of Union-Castle sail from Southampton every Saturday with passengers and cargo for Cape Colony and Natal, calling on Madeira. Intermediate ships are dispatched from London every Friday, sailing from Southampton every Saturday for Cape Colony, Natal, Las Palmas, and Tenerife.

1922-11-15 SS Reliance

United American Lines Passenger Lists

Since 1922, United American Lines (Harriman Line) operated cabin-class passenger service between Hamburg and New York via Southampton, Boulogne, and Cherbourg. They also operated three passenger vessels of the third-class in the New York-Hamburg run.

1924-08-05 SS Leviathan

United States Lines Passenger Lists

United States Lines operated cargo services from 1921 to 1989, and ocean liners until 1969—most famously, the SS United States and the Leviathan. Their passenger services included New York – Cobh – Plymouth – Southampton – Havre - Hamburg, New York – London, and New York – Cobh – Belfast – Liverpool.

White Star Line Passenger Manifest 1896 Saloon Passengers

White Star Line Passenger Lists

The White Star Line passenger services included Liverpool - New York, Liverpool – Boston, Liverpool - South Africa, Liverpool – Australia, London - South Africa - New Zealand, New York – Mediterranean, and Boston – Mediterranean. They operated some of the most renowned ships, including the Titanic, Majestic, Oceanic, Teutonic, Olympic, and the Laurentic, all represented in this collection.

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Ship Sailing Away from New York Harbor Showing Statue of Liberty

Passenger Lists by Ship

The option to browse our Passenger List collection by the name of the ship will assist researchers to focus their search on a specific vessel without requiring other information such as steamship line or year/date of a voyage to locate the list of passengers.

The Deutschland departs from Cuxhaven for New York

Passenger Lists by Port of Call

Organized by Port of Call, the listings for Digitized Passenger Lists of the GG Archives typically include the date, vessel, route, and class for voyages that originated from or called upon a port listed.

Passenger Lists by Year of Voyage - Sorted by Month and Day

Passenger Lists by Year

Organized by Year of Voyage, the listings for Passenger Lists of the GG Archives typically include the date, vessel, route, and class for voyages that originated from or called upon a port listed.

Map of Worldwide Services of the North German Lloyd.

Passenger Lists by Region

Organized by Region (Australian, Canadian, French, German, Irish, Italian, Scandinavian, and South African), the listings typically include the date, vessel, route, and class for voyages that originated from or called upon a port listed.

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Front Cover of 1883 Passenger List of the Inman Line

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