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Vintage Menus Collection

Vintage Menus from the Steamships and Ocean Liners

Grand collection of vintage steamship and other menus covering breakfast, lunch, dinner, farewell dinner, special occasions and specialty menus that provide an insight into the variety of foods served on the transatlantic steamships and ocean liners from the 1800s through the 1950s.

1949-10-25 Breakfast Menu Card - S.S. Empress of France

Vintage Breakfast Menus

Vintage breakfast menus from the steamships and ocean liners from 1898 through 1955. View the wide variety of offerings in each bill of fare from various classes of passengers. Excellent graphics and menu layouts can provide ideas for your own special event breakfast menu.

Luncheon Menu, R.M.S. Titanic, 14 April 1912

Vintage Luncheon Menus

Vintage Luncheon or Midday menus from steamship and ocean liner lines featuring great graphics and menu layouts, dating from 1900 through 1947. View menus that provided basic to elaborate luncheons for different classes of passengers.

Front Cover, Dinner Menu and Music Program, Holland America Line R.M.S. Noordam, 1907

Vintage Dinner Menus

The Elegant dinner menus from the great ocean liners often included ornate and graphically sophisticated menu covers that are adored and coveted by collectors and enthusiasts today.

Menu Cover

Vintage Farewell Dinner Menus

The Farewell Dinner or "Captain's Dinner" was a grand affair indeed! A sumptuous dinner with all the delicacies of the season on hand. The elegance of the dinner was enhanced by a wide array of liquors and wine. This would be the last dinner on board the ocean liner before the end of the voyage.

Menu Cover

Menus for Special Occassions

Special Occasion Menus include Holidays such as Christmas, Easter, the American Independence Day (4th of July), Valentine's Day, and other remarkable occasions such as Anniversaries and Royal Romance commemoratives.

Children's Party Menu, Cunard Line R.M.S. Aquitania, 1924

Specialty Menus

Vintage Specialty Menus include Children's Parties, Gala and Jubiliee Dinners, Kosher, Wine, Liquors, and Tobacco Menus.


Did you know that the Hamburg-American Steamship Line was always well known for their excellent fare provided? The best culinary artists were engaged as cooks, and the menus on its steamers was equal, and perhaps better that what was been served in the best hotels in Europe. Wines, liquors, and cigars were carefully selected by the steamship company, and were of the finest quality available.

- Excerpt from Cook's Excursionist and Tourist Advertiser, October 1892, Page 20.

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