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GG Archives is Your Trusted Resource for Immigration, Military, and Ocean Travel.

Since 2000, the Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives or GG Archives has helped genealogists, historians and researchers, worldwide, provide a more complete social and cultural context of their family history, or historical research. Students from the third grade through college have utilized the GG Archives as a primary source in social studies and history classes.

For over years, the GG Archives has provided images and information to researchers, production companies, and other organizations, worldwide.  Production companies have utilized our photographs in movies, student film projects and television programs like “Treasure Quest – The Silver Queen” a production of the Discovery Channel about the S.S. Laconia (1911) of the Cunard Line.

Discover more about what your ancestors experienced in the time they lived by exploring the many collections of the GG Archives.  Start exploring the GG Archives today!  Enrich your life and your family history. Our extensive collections of articles, brochures, historical documents, and books represent one of the largest private collections online available free to the public.  The GG Archives has earned numerous awards since its founding in 2000 by Paul K. Gjenvick, MAS, its archivist, and curator.

Our Major Collections Include:

Rare immigrant ID Tags attached to their outer garment are a part of this superb collection of immigration documents.

US Immigration Archives

Articles, Photographs, Documents, and Information on Immigration, Immigrants, Castle Garden, Ellis Island, and other immigrant stations. Don't forget about the voyage of steerage passengers, as they contained mostly immigrants.

Steamship Contracts such as this one from the Union Castle Line form a valuable part of your family archives.

Cunard Line Ticket Office in Trondheim, Norway circa 1910

Immigrant Tickets / Passenger Contracts

An incredible collection of Old Steamship Tickets / Contracts for Passage covering Immigrants in Steerage, Third and other Classes from the 1800s through the 1950s. Learn more about the cost of voyages from these extraordinary documents.  A rare and unique collection.

A Sampling of Steamship Contracts for Passage:

1902 Passenger List from the GG Archives Collection

Passenger Lists

From the 1880s through the 1950s Primarily Westbound Transatlantic Steamships and Ocean Liners that carried immigrants to America. The Passenger Lists covers are often very ornate and colorful - provided as a souvenir of the voyage.

A Sampling of Our Passenger Lists:

Famous Steamship Stowaway Rose makes Ocean Travel Articles always interesting.

Ocean Travel

Learn what it was like traveling in the age of steam on board the transatlantic steamships of 60 - 150 years ago. Richly illustrated historical articles, many containing photographs, and illustrations. Discover exciting and informative stories about passengers, crews, and voyages like this stowaway, pictured at left, on a steamship.

Steamship Brochures Like These in Our Collection of Historical Brochures

Vintage Travel Brochures

Supplement Your Family History Book with Photographs and descriptions of the Steamships, Ocean Liners, Steamship Lines and Passenger Information. The historical travel brochure designs, graphics, and attention to detail are amazing.

Some of our Most Popular Brochures:

RMS Titanic Collection

R.M.S. Titanic Collection

The Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives has many ephemera and magazine collectibles that pertain specifically to the White Star Line RMS Titanic.

People traveled in style on board the steamships such as this woman wearing an outfit dating from 1933.

Plate 2: Promenade and Afternoon Toilettes

Vintage Fashions

Fashion designs from the late 19th and early 20th centuries offers articles, photographs, and sketches of the latest in fashion trends on board steamships and ocean liners. Vintage Fashion ads feature fashion icons of the day.

A Few of Our Most Popular Fashion Sections (1880s-1930s):

Epicurean Collections

Front Cover, Valentine's Day Dinner Menu - S.S. Reliance 1938

Larry Gjenvick creates a Danish Kringle.

Swedish Meatballs Fresh Out of the Oven

Vintage Menus

Vintage Recipes

Vintage Food Articles

Vintage Cooking Processes

Vintage Culinary Terms

This section incorporates a complete analysis of the culinary art in the 1900s, including table and wine service, selection of bills of fare, fine dining and entertainment and vintage recipes from that era.

The word Epicurean, or Epicure, comes from Epicurus, the ancient Greek Philosopher, teacher of a philosophy of simple pleasures. One of these enjoyments is the pleasure associated with good food.  Epicurean also refers to an individual who delights in fine food and wines. 

Military Collections

A page from a USNTC yearbooks for graduating recruits from the 1940s through 2000

The United States Army Collection is superb in supplementing your family history.

U.S. Military Collections

United States Navy Archives

Extensive US Navy Collection includes:

United States Army Archives

The GG Archives offers an extensive collection of World War I documents, photographs, articles, Unit Histories, Cantonments, and books; World War II - Extensive Library of Books and Brochures along with many Training Center Yearbooks.

World War I

World War II

Other Historical Collections

Books by the GG Archives

Journey Through The Covers, Volume 1

Journey Through The Covers, Volume One

Published: ©2015 by the Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives.

Edited and Compiled by Paul K. Gjenvick, MAS, Archivist.

This is the first volume of high-resolution prints of some of the many beautiful brochures and passenger lists that are part of the extensive holding of the Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives. Many of these maritime related ephemera dating from the late 1800s through the early 1900s included excellent graphics on their covers.

Voyage to America

Voyage To America: Ludvig Kristian Gjønvik, June 1913

Published: ©2015 by the Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives.

Edited and Compiled by Paul K. Gjenvick, MAS, Archivist.

The book describes a young Norwegian's journey from Norway to Boston in June 1913 including documents, photographs, and information about the voyage using the vast resources of the GG Archives. Excellent example for those seeking to publish a similar book for their family.

Special Collections of the GG Archives

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