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Passenger Lists by Port City

The Deutschland departs from Cuxhaven for New York

Organized by Port of Call, the listings for Digitized Passenger Lists of the GG Archives typically include the date, vessel, route and class for voyages that originated from or called upon a port listed. Bolded port cities are those in which we have the most passenger lists.

Ports of Call

Larger Passenger List Collections by Ports of Call

First Vessel To Enter The New Siberia Dock At Antwerp - 1907

Antwerp, Belgium Passenger Lists 1892-1939

Antwerp is a city and municipality in Belgium and the capital of the Antwerp province of Flanders. Antwerp is located on the right (eastern) bank of the river Scheldt, which is linked to the North Sea by the Westerschelde estuary. The city has one of the largest seaports in Europe.

City Hall, Belfast. Cabin Service to Europe, Canadian Pacific Line, 1927.

Belfast, Ireland Passenger Lists 1923-1939

Belfast is the capital and largest city of Northern Ireland. Most of Belfast is in County Antrim, but parts of East and South Belfast are in County Down. It is on the flood plain of the River Lagan.

Map of Boston Harbor, 1899.

Boston Passenger Lists 1887-1939

Boston is the capital and largest city of the U.S. state of Massachusetts, officially the Commonwealth of Massachusetts; Boston also serves as county seat of the state's Suffolk County. This page contains Passenger Lists of ships with a origination or destination of Boston with immigrants landing at the Boston Immigration Station or Customs House for processing.

View of the Port of Boulogne-sur-Mer. Black and White Photo Postcard circa 1950.

Boulogne-sur-Mer Passenger Lists 1899-1939

Boulogne-sur-Mer is a city in northern France. Boulogne lies on the Côte d'Opale, a touristic coast on the English Channel, and is the most-visited location in its region after the Lille conurbation.

New Dock, Bremerhaven 1907

Bremen Passenger Lists 1881-1951

Bremerhaven is the seaport of the City Municipality of Bremen, a Hanseatic city in northwestern Germany. A commercial and industrial city with a major port on the River Weser, Bremen is part of the Bremen-Oldenburg metropolitan area.

Passenger Lists for the Port of Cherbourg

Cherbourg Passenger Lists 1899-1960

Cherbourg-Octeville is a city and commune, situated on the Cotentin peninsula in the Manche department of Lower Normandy in north-western France. Cherbourg was the first stop of RMS Titanic after it left Southampton, England.

Ocean Liner at Queenstown ca 1905. Colorized Postcard Postally Used 21 March 1905.

Cobh (Queenstown) Passenger Lists 1884-1954

The Port of Cobh, known from 1850 until 1920 as Queenstown, is a popular tourist seaport town on the south coast of County Cork, Ireland. Cobh is on the south side of Great Island in Cork Harbour.

Port of Genoa - 1907

Genoa Passenger Lists 1896-1954

Genoa is the capital of Liguria and the sixth largest city in Italy. Genoa forms the southern corner of the Milan-Turin-Genoa industrial triangle of north-west Italy. In the late 19th century and the early 20th century, Genoa consolidated its role as a major seaport and an important steel and shipbuilding center.

View of Glasgow, Upper Harbour, Looking Westerly, ca 1912.

Glasgow Passenger Lists 1883-1938

Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland and the third largest in the United Kingdom. It is situated on the River Clyde in the country's West Central Lowlands. From the 18th century the city also grew as one of Great Britain's main hubs of transatlantic trade with North America and the West Indies.

View of a Portion of the Free Port of Hamburg ca. 1912.

Hamburg Passenger Lists – 1881-1952

Hamburg is a major transport hub in Northern Germany and is one of the most affluent cities in Europe. Hamburg became a city-state within the North German Confederation (1866–71), the German Empire (1871–1918) and during the period of the Weimar Republic (1919–33).

Front Cover, Le Havre - New York 1997

Le Havre Passenger Lists 1877-1954

Le Havre is a city in the Seine-Maritime department of the Haute-Normandie region in France. It is situated in north-western France, on the right bank of the mouth of the river Seine on the English Channel. As a port city on an exposed marshy coast, Le Havre has long suffered from poor land links.

The RMS Lusitania of the Cunard Line at the Liverpool Landing Stage.

Liverpool Passenger Lists 1877-1956

Liverpool is a city and metropolitan borough of Merseyside, England, United Kingdom along the eastern side of the Mersey Estuary. By the early 19th century, 40% of the world's trade passed through Liverpool's docks, contributing to Liverpool's rise as a major city. During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Liverpool was drawing immigrants from across Europe.

Entrance to Tilbury Docks, London in 1908

London, England Passenger Lists 1879-1955

London is the capital city of England and the United Kingdom. London was the world's largest city from about 1831 to 1925. The River Thames is navigable to ocean-going vessels as far as London Bridge, and to substantial craft well upstream of Greater London. Historically, the river was one of London's main transport arteries.

Harbour Scene at Montreal.

Montréal Passenger Lists 1891-1956

Montréal is a city in the Canadian province of Quebec. It is the largest city in the province, the second-largest in the country (after Toronto) and the fifteenth-largest in North America.

Naples, Italy Showing the Harbor circa 1906.

Naples, Italy Passenger Lists 1894-1954

Naples is the capital of Campania and the third-largest municipality in Italy. The port of Naples is one of the most important in Europe and has the world's second-highest passenger flow level, after the port of Hong Kong.

The RMS Lusitania in New York Harbor.

New York Passenger List Collection 1877-1960

These are Passenger Lists of ships with a destination of New York with immigrants landing at Castle Garden or Ellis Island for processing. Organized by Date, Steamship Line, Steamship or Ocean Liner, Class of Passengers (Saloon, First, Second, Cabin, Single Class, Tourist, Third or Steerage) and the route of the voyage.

Port of Plymouth/Devon England View of Sutton Harbour circa 1910.

Plymouth, England Passenger Lists 1899-1952

Plymouth is a city and unitary authority area on the south coast of Devon, England, about 190 miles (310 km) south-west of London. It is situated between the mouths of the rivers Plym to the east and Tamar to the west, where they join Plymouth Sound.

Map of the St. Lawrence River from Quebec to Murray Bay, 1948.

Québec Passenger Lists 1891-1956

Quebec is the capital of the Canadian province of Québec. The narrowing of the Saint Lawrence River proximate to the city's promontory, Cap-Diamant (Cape Diamond), and Lévis, on the opposite bank, provided the name given to the city, Kébec, an Algonquin word meaning "where the river narrows".

Map of Rotterdam Harbor circa 1908.

Rotterdam Passenger Lists 1899-1954

Rotterdam is the second-largest city in the Netherlands and one of the largest ports in the world. Rotterdam's commercial and strategic importance is based on its location near the mouth of the Nieuwe Maas (New Meuse), a channel in the delta formed by the Rhine and Meuse on the North Sea. These rivers lead directly into the centre of Europe, including the industrial Ruhr region.

View of Inner Dock at Southampton in 1904

Southampton Passenger Lists 1893 - 1960

Southampton is the largest city in the ceremonial county of Hampshire on the south coast of England, and is situated 75 miles (121 km) southwest of London and 19 miles (31 km) northwest of Portsmouth. Southampton is a major port and the closest city to the New Forest. It lies at the northernmost point of Southampton Water at the confluence of the River Test and River Itchen, with the River Hamble joining to the south of the urban area.


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Painting Entitled "Ports"

The sea, the sky, the sun . . . from Gibraltar to Istanbul, from Arabia to Tangiers, heat, rock, dust. Red-brown land as old as time and the sea, even older. Around the unwinking blue eye: people. People carving cities, cultures, civilizations out of eternity. Temporality attacking the timeless . . . men die, stones do not. Now there are many cities and most of us have forgotten why they are there.

Americans especially lack a historical sense. It is only lately that we have turned from the future to gaze at the past. In contrast, the Mediterranean is heavy with history. Three thousand years of historical process, a process initiated in these same countries we were privileged to visit, have gone into making us as we are. Democracy and philosophy from Greece, Roman law, Italian art, Judaism and Christianity — we have inherited all this from the Mediterranean...

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