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Navy Boot Camp Book 1961 Drill Company 5923 The Keel

1961 Drill Company 5923 Great Lakes US Naval Training Center Roster - The Keel

Roster for Drill Company 5923 for 1961, United States Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, Illinois. Company Commander: N. R. Walk, BM1. Training commenced 29 May 1961 and concluded on 2 August 1961. 17 Men Graduated.

Drill Company 61-5923 Organization and Schedule

  • Organization: DRILL BATTALION
  • Commenced Training: 29 May 1961
  • Completed Training: 2 August 1961

Drill Company 61-5923 Leadership

  • Executive Officer: R W. W. Watkins, USN
  • Brigade Commander: LCDR D. Kraushaar, USN
  • Drill Battalion: ENS E. M. Hart, USN
  • Drill Officer: F. A. Brooksbank, SMC
  • Company Commander: N. R. Walk, BM1

Drill Company 61-5923 Recruit Roster

  1. Thomas W. Sykes
  2. Robert I. Krecow
  3. W. L. Heddinger
  4. David H. Lucas
    Company Clerk
  5. John Basso
  6. R. E. Dietz
  7. R. A. Fernaays
  8. W. L. Hansen
  9. K. S. Hile
  10. R. S. Huffman
  11. P. J. Lemons
  12. R. L. Minear
  13. L. S. Mockabee
  14. M. A. Whiteside
  15. G. H. Wilcox
  16. A. A. Woodbury
  17. W. C. Wood

Navy Boot Camp Recruit Photos - Drill Company 61-5923

1961 Drill Company 5923 USNTC Great Lakes Recruits Page 1

Drill Company 61-5923 Recruits, Page 1

1961 Drill Company 5923 USNTC Great Lakes Recruits Page 2

Drill Company 61-5923 Recruits, Page 2

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