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Navy Boot Camp Book 1948 Company 463 The Keel

Front Cover, Great Lakes USNTC "The Keel" 1948 Hall of Fame Company 463.

Front Cover, Great Lakes USNTC "The Keel" 1948 Hall of Fame Company 463. GGA Image ID # 137d8e3d1e

Roster for Hall of Fame Recruit Company 463 for 1948, United States Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, Illinois. Company Commander: Grant. QMC. 116 Men Graduated. Training Dates Not Reported.

Company 48-463 Honors

Excellence in academic achievement, military drill, cleanliness and athletics all count toward earning recognition flags. Competition encourages teamwork and develops pride in achievement. The climax of the competitive series is the Pass-in-Review practice where the best divisions can earn Battle "E", CNO or Hall of Fame honors. Company 48-463 Earned "Hall of Fame" Distiction.

The Hall of Fame Flag was awarded to Company 463 for outstanding achievement and demonstration of "superiority in all phases of their training."

In order to earn the Hall of Fame flag, Company 463 also had to win the following flags:

  • Five Rooster Flags (the highest weekly award and based upon competition of all lesser flags)
  • Two Regimental Military Drill Flags
  • Three Star Flags (awarded for cleanliness)
  • One “C” Flag (awarded for citizenship)
  • One “I” Flag (awarded for academic success)
  • One “A” Flag (awarded for athletic achievement)

Company 48-463 Leadership

  • Company Commander: Grant. QMC
  • Assistant Company Commander: Crane, BM1

Hall of Fame Company 48-463 Recruit Roster

  1. Carl Allman, Jr.
  2. Hollis W. Allen
  3. Laurence Allotta, Jr.
  4. James B. Alspaugh
  5. Frederick F. Archer
  6. Neil B. Baker
  7. Russell L. Baus
  8. William R. Bergey
  9. James Betts
  10. Earl D. Blumer
  11. Stanley W. Buchtel
  12. Robert R. Burkhart
  13. Robert E. Burwell
  14. Norman Carver, Jr.
  15. Eldon J. Carney
  16. Peter J. Casassa
  17. Rexford R. Chilton
  18. Raymond L. Clayton
  19. Edward T. Collver
  20. Sam J. Con- stantini
  21. Edward J. Corbett
  22. Kenneth E. Creason
  23. Alton B. Crothers
  24. Joseph J. Dabulas
  25. Gene R. Decker
  26. Fred L. Devito
  27. S. J. Domenico
  28. William P. Dugan
  29. Edward R. Durkin
  30. Richard J. Duvall
  31. Charles R. Fales
  32. Donald R. Fenton
  33. John D. Fisler
  34. Gene I. Fletcher
  35. Charles E. Foreman
  36. Joseph W. Frew
  37. James R. Gammon
  38. William H. Garrett
  39. Robert 'S. Harker
  40. Robert R. Hassettt
  41. Daniel Helfant
  42. Robert N. Henkel
  43. Richard Hoddinott
  44. Ralph L. Holland
  45. Anthony F. Hudik
  46. Curtis Hughes
  47. George C. Hulien, Jr.
  48. Anthony J. Iaria
  49. George W. Jarrett
  50. Donald V. Johnson
  51. James D. Judge
  52. Raymond L. Kaminski
  53. Robert G. Kelsey
  54. G. L. Kohlbeck
  55. Charles E. Kurtz
  56. Robert F. Lahr
  57. Ray P. Lallemand
  58. Herbert S. Lapchin
  59. Curtis E. Largen
  60. Richard H. Lee
  61. Eugene R. Levandoski
  62. Raymond F. Little
  63. R. L. J. Longfield
  64. Walter A. Lysiak
  65. Chris Margerum
  66. James S. Marshall
  67. Robert D. Mathison
  68. David F. Morgan
  69. Rudolph Myers
  70. Donald A. Nelson
  71. Romeo W. Nichols
  72. Earnest R. Oliver
  73. James B. Otten
  74. Frank W. Patrick
  75. Rodney E. Patterson
  76. W. J. Pauling, Jr.
  77. J. S. Pemberton, Jr.
  78. O. K. Perkinson, Jr.
  79. C. T. Petropoulos
  80. Harrison R. Pryor
  81. Milford Ray, Jr.,
  82. Edward G. Raymond
  83. Robert D. Reeder
  84. James B. Reedy
  85. Harold C. Rinehimer
  86. David F. Rodgers
  87. Robert E. Russell
  88. Robert J. Russell
  89. Robert C. Sartori
  90. James M. Scheib
  91. Robert L. Seif
  92. Dale P. Semmel
  93. William G. Sevener
  94. W. J. Simonsick
  95. Robert L. Skaggs
  96. Donald J. Smith
  97. Charles E. Snyder
  98. Ronald H. Solesky
  99. Francis R. Steffan
  100. W. S. Stewart, Jr.
  101. R. J. Stottmann, Jr.
  102. John J. Sweeney
  103. John G. Terry, Jr.
  104. Melvin Thomas
  105. Gene M. Tucker
  106. James M. Tucker
  107. Albert L. Underwood
  108. C. J. Voightlander
  109. Daniel J. Walsh
  110. Stanley E. Wheeler
  111. Kenneth W. Whiten
  112. Robert L. Wilcher
  113. James E. Wiland
  114. Robert W. Young
  115. Dale E. Yoder
  116. R. M. Gammel

Navy Boot Camp Recruit Photos - Hall of Fame Company 48-463

Company 48-463 Great Lakes NTC Recruits, Page 1.

Company 48-463 Great Lakes NTC Recruits, Page 1. GGA Image ID # 137e27a11f

Company 48-463 Great Lakes NTC Recruits, Page 2.

Company 48-463 Great Lakes NTC Recruits, Page 2. GGA Image ID # 137e6e7f2c

Company 48-463 Great Lakes NTC Recruits, Page 3.

Company 48-463 Great Lakes NTC Recruits, Page 3. GGA Image ID # 137ea06693

Company 48-463 Great Lakes NTC Recruits, Graduation Review.

Company 48-463 Great Lakes NTC Recruits, Graduation Review. GGA Image ID # 137ece6215

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