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Navy Boot Camp Bainbridge The Compass Yearbooks

The Main Gate at USNTC Bainbridge, Maryland ca 1960.

RTC Graduation Yearbooks from The US Naval Training Center in Bainbridge, MD from the USNTC Collection of the Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives.

The U. S. Naval Training Center, Bainbridge, Maryland, first came into being when the President of the United States, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, approved the site and the purchase of the land and buildings from the Jacob Tome Institute in early 1942.

This property, consisting of about 330 acres with buildings of the Tome School for boys located thereon, was enlarged by the purchase of adjacent parcels of land, and the construction of over 500 additional buildings, which brought the total area of Bainbridge to 1,132 acres.

Bainbridge is located on high rolling land beginning at the top of an escarpment overlooking the small river town of Port Deposit, Maryland, on the northeast bank of the Susquehanna River. The reservation is 35 miles northeast of Baltimore, between U. S. Routes I and 40, and approximately 75 miles from Washington and Philadelphia.

The activity, being located near the center of the Atlantic Seaboard, is under the military command and coordination control of the Commandant, FIFTH Naval District, whose headquarters are in Norfolk, Virginia.

Read more about the USNTC at Bainbridge following the listing of Boot Camp Graduation books.

Company 373 of 1951 USNTC Graduation Yearbook

1951 Company 373

  • Company Commander: R.F. Caroll, BMGC
  • Men Graduating: 61
  • Date Graduated: Not Reported
1951 Recruit Company 374 Graduation Yearbook

1951 Company 374

  • Company Commander: J. B. Greeley, MMLC
  • Men Graduating: 59
  • Date Graduated: Not Reported
1951 Recruit Company 403 Graduation Yearbook

1951 Company 403

  • Company Commander: F. Gullotti, MMLC
  • Men Graduating: 60
  • Date Graduated: Not Reported
1951 Recruit Company 404 Graduation Yearbook

1951 Company 404

  • Company Commander: R. M. FORD, MMLC
  • Men Graduating: 62
  • Date Graduated: Not Stated
1952 Recruit Company 13 Graduation Yearbook

1952 Company 13

  • Company Commander: A. BUEREAU, QMSC
  • Men Graduating: 51
  • Date Graduated: Not Reported
1952 Recruit Company 14 Graduation Yearbook

1952 Company 14

  • Company Commander: J. TRESSLER, ENC
  • Men Graduating: 47
  • Date Graduated: Not Reported
Front Cover, Bainbridge USNTC "The Compass" 1953 Company 044

1953 Company 044

  • Company Commander: H. A. MURPHY, QM1
  • Men Graduating: 55
  • Date Graduated: 23 March 1953
Front Cover, Bainbridge USNTC "The Compass" 1953 Company 047

1953 Company 047

  • Company Commander: T. GACKI, GM1
  • Men Graduating: 72
  • Date Graduated: 25 March 1953
1953 Recruit Company 208 Graduation Yearbook

1953 Company 208

  • Company Commander: E. T. WALKER, QMC
  • Men Graduating: 74
  • Date Graduated: 26 August 1953
1953 Recruit Company 212 Graduation Yearbook

1953 Company 212

  • Company Commander: H. E. SYBRANT, AOC
  • Men Graduating: 69
  • Date Graduated: 1 September 1953
Front Cover, 1954 Recruit Company 54 Graduation Yearbook

1954 Company 54

  • Company Commander: F. S. HASKINS, GMI
  • Men Graduating: 59
  • Date Graduated: 29 May 1954
Front Cover, Bainbridge USNTC "The Portal" 1955 Company 18W

1955 WAVE Company 18

Company Commander: E H. Walther, DKCA

Women Graduating: 71

Date Graduated: 3 October 1955

Extras: Photos of Boot Camp Life for the WAVE Company 18(W); Newspaper Clipping of Honor Medal Winners Listing Honormen for Companies 332-361 and 18(W); Photo of Capitolie A. Sutton, SR, Co. 1955-18(W) Receiving Honor Certificate; and Photo of Presentation of American Spirit Honor Medal to SR C. A. Sutton, USN.

Front Cover, Bainbridge USNTC "The Compass" 1955 Company 291

1955 Company 291

  • Company Commander: B. C. Greenquist, EN1
  • Men Graduating: 60
  • Date Graduated: 13 September 1955.
1956 Recruit Company 221 Graduation Yearbook

1956 Company 221

  • Company Commander: L. W. PERDUE, BTC
  • Men Graduating: 64
  • Date Graduated: 13 August 1956

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