Navy Boot Camp Book 1961 Drill Company 5921 The Keel

1961 Drill Company 5921 Great Lakes US Naval Training Center Roster - The Keel

Roster for Drill Company 5921 for 1961, United States Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, Illinois. Company Commander: J. G. Anderson, MMC. Training commenced 15 May 1961 and concluded on 19 July 1961. 25 Men Graduated.

Drill Company 61-5921 Organization and Schedule

  • Organization: DRILL COMPANY
  • Commenced Training: 15 May 1961
  • Completed Training: 19 July 1961

Drill Company 61-5921 Leadership

(Company 61-5921 Command Leaders not separately stated)

  • Executive Officer: DR W. W. Watkins, USN
  • Brigade Commander: LCDR F. K. Woodburn, USN
  • Drill Battalion: ENS E. M. Hart, USN
  • Drill Officer: F. A. Brooksbank, SMC
  • Company Commander: J. G. Anderson, MMC

Drill Company 61-5921 Recruit Roster

  1. Ralph D. Nilson
  2. William E. Morton
  3. H. L. Reed, Jr.
  4. Gary G. McDonald
  5. 0. C. Reynolds
    Company Clerk
  6. D. E. Adkins
  7. J. R. Ashcraft
  8. Tod S. Bailey
  9. M. A. Davis
  10. T. J. Farrell
  11. P. W. Geber
  12. D. E. Johnston, Jr.
  13. J. H. Long, Jr.
  14. R. W. Paschal
  15. John P. Perrin
  16. E. E. Rodgers
  17. R. J. Hawley
  18. S. A. Deuehuis
  19. R. A. Hull
  20. Joseph Salfi, Jr.
  21. R. A. Hellyer
  22. D. S. McKee
  23. W. E. Morton
  24. H. D. Parker
  25. F. J. Peeples

Navy Boot Camp Recruit Photos - Drill Company 61-5921

1961 Drill Company 5921 USNTC Great Lakes Recruits Page 1

Drill Company 61-5921 Recruits, Page 1

1961 Drill Company 5921 USNTC Great Lakes Recruits Page 2

Drill Company 61-5921 Recruits, Page 2

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