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US Army Historical Documents, Records, Photographs

Documents, Books and other materials covering the United States Army from World War I through the 1990s.

Army Books

Army Books

Army Books are available at the GG Archives, primarily from the World War I era. Please note that Training Center Graduation Books, World War I and II Books, and Army Unit Histories are listed elsewhere on this website.

Army Brochures, Booklets, Pamphlets, Leaflets

Soldier's Life: United States Army (1939)

There are certain features connected with the Army that are outstanding. HEALTH comes first. The outdoor life, bracing drills, wholesome food, and regular hours induce this blessing of health.

Army Magazines

Army Magazines

Our Army Magazine collection is primarily of the Army Digest and Yank Magazine, printed during World War II.

Army Training Centers

Army Training Centers

The GG Archives collection of materials pertaining to World War I Army Training Centers called Cantonments. Books and Ephemera cover Camp Devens, Camp Dix, Camp Dodge, Camp Funston, Camp Grant, Camp Pike, and Camp Zachary Taylor.

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