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Navy Boot Camp Book 1950 Company 111 The Keel

Keel Yearbook for Companies 111 and 112 -1950

Roster and Photos for Recruit Company 111 for 1950, United States Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, Illinois. Company Commander: L. K. Johnson, GMC. 62 Men Graduated. Training dates not reported.

Great Lakes Leadership Command

  • Commander, Naval Training Center: Captain J. S. Keating, USN
  • Assistant Commander, Naval Training Center: Captain J. E. Fitzgibbon, USN
  • Commanding Officer, Recruit Training Command: Captain K. L. Nutting, USN,
  • Executive Officer, Recruit Training Command: Commander James R. Hansen, USN,

Company 50-111 Leadership

  • Company Commander : L. K. Johnson, GMC

Company 50-111 Recruit Roster

  1. Perley W. Abbott
  2. James E. Armstrong
  3. Ray H. Bassett
  4. Andrew J. Bergin
  5. Vance C. Blount.
  6. Mathew Bowman
  7. Bernard R. Bucalo
  8. John R. Ciani
  9. Guy M. Coble
  10. David A. Costin
  11. John W. Cromer
  12. Raymond E. Crosby
  13. Jack F. Czuba
  14. William J. Edwards
  15. Charles G. Eucling
  16. Grier R. Flowers
  17. Walter Grgich
  18. Eugene H. Hall
  19. Richard S. Hart.
  20. Vern Helms, Jr.
  21. Richard A. Helmer
  22. Edgar F. Hoffman
  23. Wallace R. Horne
  24. William T. Hubbard
  25. John F. Jones
  26. Charles A. Kaufman
  27. Francis J. Kirsch
  28. Richard L. Lauda
  29. James E. Lee
  30. William J. Lyninger
  31. Basil K. Malone
  32. Paul A. Manning
  33. Gregory W. Nagle
  34. George E. Obrian
  35. Michael Olear, Jr.
  36. P. L. Patierno
  37. Earl E. Potter
  38. William C. Rawson
  39. Charles V. Riggs
  40. Edward A. Rigby
  41. Clyde A. Roberts
  42. Elmer K. Settle
  43. David M. Smith
  44. Theodore M. Snyder
  45. Robert J. Stephenson
  46. Willie F. Stewart
  47. Harold L. Thompson
  48. Richard A. Thomas
  49. M. M. Weatherington
  50. Donald E. Willingham
  51. Charles E. Winans
  52. Robert L. Burger
  53. John W. Decker
  54. Robert L. Ezell
  55. Leroy F. Furr
  56. Robert M. Russell
  57. Jerry G. Smith
  58. Ray C. Welch
  59. Roy J. Welch
  60. Kenneth L. Huntley
  61. Ernest L. Gatting
  62. T. Billings

Navy Boot Camp Recruit Photos - Company 50-111

Company 50-111 Recruits

Company 50-111 Recruits

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