World War 2 Collections

Our WWII materials collection includes an extensive library on the war, brochures, magazines, wartime rationing, materials from family members who served in World War II, and other war-related ephemera.

World War 2 Book Collection at the GG Archives

World War 2 Book Collection

Our extensive World War 2 Book Collection covers both the European and Pacific war theatres from 1939-1945, including the aftermath and the prelude to war.


  • 1939-07-14 Advertisement - Germany - Land of Hospitality. Appeared in the London Times - about six week before Germany invaded Poland. German occupation and hostilities had already begun in the Slovakian region.
  • The Battle of the Bulge - An Interview with Dr. George Knaphus. George Knaphus was a private in Company B of the 112th Infantry Division during World War 2. This was an account of his experiences during that infamous battle.


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