United States Navy Cruise Book Collection

The United States Navy produces Cruise Books that document the daily life of officers and crew members on voyages or deployments. Primarily a photographic record, the Cruise Books often exceed 500 pages and produce one of the best accounts of their voyages available to the public. Our collection focuses on United States Aircraft Carriers.

USS Coral Sea CVA-43

Coral Sea Western Pacific Cruise 1956

1956 Cruise Book USS Coral Sea

Forming a vital part of the atlantic and Sixth Fleet she has become a familiar sight in the various ports of the Mediterranean. Her primary peace time missions are that of training and good will.

Coral Sea Cruise Book 1961 Deployment Western Pacific

1961 Cruse Book USS Coral Sea

Carrier Air Group Fifteen Com Car Div Five Western Pacific Cruise 1960-61. Roster of Officers and Crew Members is also available.

USS Enterprise CVN-65

1996 Crise Book USS Enterprise

1996 Crise Book USS Enterprise

On June 28, 1996, Enterprise began it 15th overseas deployment. The Big E enforced no-fly zones in two of the world's most critical area, Bosnia-Herzegovina (Operation Joint Endeavor) and Iraq (Operation Southern Watch), flying nearly 5,000 missions.

1998-1999 Arabian Gulf Cruise - USS Enterprise

1998-1999 Cruise Book USS Enterprise

Seventh Deployment for this the USS Enterprise. Book documents their Mediterranean Cruise 98-99 - A visual Record of the deployement of this Enterprise Class Nuclear-powered Aircraft Carrier. 696 Pages.

USS Nimitz CVN-68


1982-1983 Cruise Book USS Nimitz

Sixth Deployment for this Vessel. Book documents their Mediterranean Cruise 1982-1983. Includes photographs of crew members along with crew activities on and off the carrier.


2002-2003 Cruise Book USS Nimitz

Ninth? Deployment for this vessel. Book documents their Operation Iragi Freedom cruise from 2002 - 2003. A visual record of this deployment of this Nuclear-powered Aircraft Carrier. 496 Pages.

USS Ranger CVA-61


1960 Cruise Book USS Ranger

Third Deployment for this vessel. Book documents their Western Pacific Cruise

USS Saratoga CVA-60


1958 Cruise Book USS Saratoga

First Deployment for this vessel. Book documents their Mediterranean Cruise

USS Theodore Roosevelt CVN-71

Theodore Roosevelt

2003 Cruise Book USS Theodore Roosevelt

Eighth? Deployment for this vessel. Carrier Air Wing Eight (CVW 8) Operation Iraqi Freedom 2003 Cruise Book 544 Pages - Similar to an expanded version of high school yearbook - it provides a visual record of the deployment of this Aircraft Carrier in 2003. (Two Copies)


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