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Military Collections (Navy, Army, Marines, WWI, WWII)

GG Archives Military Collage

Helping Military Personnel, Veterans, their Families, and Descendants Discover More About Their Service.

Our military collections are known for Bootcamp yearbooks, primarily for the US Navy, but include the US Army and the US Marine Corps. While our collections have focused on the United States Navy, we also have significant materials on World Wars I and II. Most of our materials are in the form of books, yearbooks, magazines, brochures, historical documents, and period articles.

U.S. Navy Archives

United States Navy

United States Navy - Historical Books, Pamphlets, Booklets, Documents, Ephemera, Photographs, and More. Index to the GG Archives holdings.

U.S. Army Archives

United States Army

Our US Army materials include Documents, Books, and other materials, including books, brochures, selective service system, BCT yearbooks, training centers, and more.

U. S. Marine Corps Holdings

United States Marine Corps

Our holdings on the United States Marine Corps primarily focus on MCRD Boot Camp Books (Yearbooks/Graduation Books). Our collection contains books about the Marines, histories of the MCRDs, Certificates, and historical articles.

World War 1: The Great War

World War 1: The Great War

The Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives Has Substantial Materials on WW1 - including Information and Photographs of Camp Pike, Camp Grant, Camp Dix, Camp Dodge, and Others. Women Serving at Home and Abroad, Unique Coverage of the WW1 Draft, including Draft Registrations, Unit Histories, French Money, Correspondence from King George V, a Comprehensive WW1 Image Library, Documents, Photographs and More!

World War II Archives

World War 2

The GG Archives has a substantial amount of material on World War 2. Currently, we have a limited amount of material online, primarily our WW2 library.


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