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Navy Boot Camp Book 1951 Company 356 The Keel

Front Cover, USNTC Great Lakes "The Keel" 1951 Company 356.

Front Cover, USNTC Great Lakes "The Keel" 1951 Company 356. GGA Image ID # 1b0960e3b4

Roster and Photos for Recruit Company 356 for 1951, United States Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, Illinois. Company Commander: J. J. HRAZDIL, QMSC. 76 Men Graduated. Training dates not provided.

Company 51-356 Leadership

  • Company Commander: J. J. Hrazdil, QMSC

Company 51-356 Recruit Roster

  1. R. J. Alechnowicz
  2. Louis Amato
  3. Douglas Anson, Jr.
  4. James A. Benson
  5. Edward A. Boylan
  6. Myron A. Bredeson
  7. Edward W. Britt
  8. Robert J. Caesar
  9. Frank J. Carroll
  10. Joseph L. Coudriet
  11. Norris H. Crystal
  12. Thomas F. Dannunzio
  13. Charles Dibenedetto
  14. Bradley Ershowsky
  15. John E. Feeley
  16. Manuel Figueroa
  17. Edgar J. Fischer
  18. Carl W. Fisher, Jr.
  19. Thomas J. Fitzgerald
  20. Arthur W. Fletcher
  21. William D. Freeman
  22. Francis J. Gallagher
  23. C. E. Gardner, Jr.
  24. James P. Gibbons
  25. Donald J. Going
  26. Raymond A. Graham
  27. Joseph L. Gray
  28. Joseph Grogan
  29. Peter J. Guglielmo
  30. Daniel J. Harrington
  31. John A. Healey
  32. J. W. Henderson, Jr.
  33. Arthur I. Horne
  34. Robert J. Johnson
  35. Peter T. Judge
  36. Frederick I. Kalgren
  37. Robert F. Kelly
  38. John J. Kelly, Jr.
  39. Charles R. Lamonte
  40. Richard 0. Lamsfuss
  41. George S. Larimer
  42. Thomas F. Lasusa
  43. Marvin Levine
  44. George B. Lewis
  45. D. C. Ludarelli
  46. John R. Maclay,
  47. Pasquale F. Marino,
  48. Thomas J. McDonald,
  49. Joseph T. McGuirk,
  50. John A. Moran,
  51. Edward J. Murphy,
  52. John J. Noone
  53. Albert G. Pastor
  54. Levin J. Reynolds
  55. C. L. Rothhaus, Jr.
  56. Enoch T. Rowley
  57. Frederick J. Schwarz
  58. Frank B. Schultz
  59. David B. Seal
  60. John J. Shimko
  61. Joseph P. Slocum
  62. Keith I. Smart
  63. Jerome D. Smith
  64. George L. Streit, Jr.
  65. Alfred G. Tonnessen
  66. Eugene J. Torres
  67. Stephen F. Vento
  68. Joseph P. Vesey
  69. Leon J. Warnock
  70. William J. Watson, Jr.
  71. James F. Wesling
  72. David E. Whalen
  73. Lowell R. Wilson
  74. Richard A. Zuniga
  75. G. Press
  76. Andrew Coppola

Navy Boot Camp Recruit Photos - Company 51-356

Company 51-356 Recruits, Page 1.

Company 51-356 Recruits, Page 1. GGA Image ID # 1b09616db8


During our training we fire for score at the rifle range and learn the correct use of our gas masks.
Operation "Crew-cut."

Company 51-356 Recruits, Page 2.

Company 51-356 Recruits, Page 2. GGA Image ID # 1b09bf9b39


We practice 5"-38 cal. and 40-mm. loading drills, attend classroom lectures and learn to extinguish simulated shipboard blazes.

Company 51-356 Recruits, Page 3.

Company 51-356 Recruits, Page 3. GGA Image ID # 1b09c39abb

Caption: Regular periods of calisthenics, classroom instructions, military drill, and galley detail help prepare us for our future Navy life.

Company 51-356 Recruits, Page 4.

Company 51-356 Recruits, Page 4. GGA Image ID # 1b0a04fc75

Caption: Graduation day.... We stand final bag inspection, pass in review and our company honor man receives his award.

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