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Picked Ripe from the Orange Groves of Sunny California--These Big, Delicious, Firm, Tender-Meated Seedless Navels

Trainloads are arriving daily in all markets, and California never sent better fruit. Heavy and luscious with a sparkling juice—the most healthful of all fruits. In millions of homes Sunkist Oranges are now the standard fruit, served every day the year 'round.

They are on the breakfast table, in handy frail dishes between meals, and in salads and desserts.

Serve them daily in your home. There are scores of tempting recipes Write for our beautiful book. "Sunkist Salads and Desserts'*

Features of Sunkist

Sunkist Navel Oranges are seedless and seedless oranges are most convenient for home uses.

They peel freely. The sections are easily separated. The interior fibrous partitions being tissue thin, and tender. Quickly give way under fork or spoon. They are never tough. You ran slice them wafer-thin or eat them whole like other fruits.

You'll eat twice as many oranges—and use them every day—when you know all that California Sunkist Seedless Navel Oranges offer.

Sunkist Lemons

Sunkist Lemons are practically seedless—juicy and hill-flavored.
Serve them with your oysters—fish—meats—and tea. These are beautiful lemons. Sunkist sliced, quartered, or halved make a most enticing garnish.

Use pure Sunkist Lemon juice in every dish that now calls for doubtful vinegar. Employ Sunkist Lemons in 86 different ways. Lean what lemons can do to lessen the labors of housekeeping













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