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Everybody loves the sweet, nutty flavor of fresh coconut. You cannot give it to your family too often. Anyone who has tasted the soft, luscious meat of fresh coconut knows that ordinary dry shredded coconut, as sweet and pleasant as it is, cannot compare with the juicy, milky coconut meat.

Mr. Franklin Baker, Jr., the head of the largest manufacturers of coconut products in the world, spent many years seeking to improve package coconut so it would have more of the tenderness and flavor of the freshly cut-up coconut meats.

For years he had been preparing the well-known dry shredded coconut, but he was not satisfied with this. And so he put out the famous grated coconut in cans. This is freshly grated coconut, packed unsweetened in its own milk, in air-tight cans with the blue label.

This product was a vast improvement over all previous methods of packing coconut, but in many desserts and icings the milk was not required and had to be pressed out.

This led to the preparation of coconut in cans, without the milk, and more like the fresh grated coconut that Southern housewives have always bought in the old Southern markets.

At last, this new kind—Baker’s Coconut, Southern Style—is now obtainable everywhere. Fresh grated coconut, tender and naturally moist, slightly sweetened, and packed without preservatives or glycerin, in air-tight cans by the new Vitapack process. Just long, soft shreds of coconut, tender and delicate— very different in taste from dried coconut.

All other coconut is put up in square or round cardboard containers and is usually prepared with glycerin to keep it soft. Coconut packed in cans will keep indefinitely. It cannot spoil as package coconut will.

Baker's Coconut, Southern Style, makes a fresher cake to start with and one that stays fresh longer. Read the scale test on the last page.

Housewives all over the country are now using this new kind of coconut. They say they never knew before what a delightful flavor coconut could have.

All Baker’s Products are fully protected by their guarantee. Your grocer will refund your money if you are not entirely satisfied.












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