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Nobody has ever been able to successfully imitate Coca-Cola, because its quality is indelibly registered in the taste of the American public.

Coca-Cola’s birth was the real beginning of the soft drink industry. Coca-Cola has been the backbone of the soda fountain trade. It has been a powerful builder of incidental business to its dispensers and carried many an enterprise which has made it a trade "leader.”

For many years it has far outsold any other soft drink in the world. It has made the 5-cent piece the biggest buying power in a beverage. Year by year, its inimitable quality reads a greater and more distinctive meaning into "Delicious and Refreshing," that stand for Coca-Cola the world over.

Coca-Cola has the most comprehensive system of distribution known to the industry.

The soft drink best known and best liked, Coca-Cola stands approved by two American generations. Its genuine delicious and refreshing quality steadily maintained and insured above imitations, is the reason why the American millions have made it theirs.

Each year it has made friends of new millions. Each year its "signs of popularity" have multiplied upon the great avenues of American life, its cheerful colors brightening the street corners of tens of thousands of cities and towns, its name more familiar than the very names of the streets themselves.

Coca-Cola is rapidly reaching out into international trade. Distribution following the growing demand for a natural drink that answers natural thirst is fast becoming universal.

Today, it is sold everywhere in North America; in Panama, in Cuba, Porto Rico, the Philippines and Australia; in London, Paris, Egypt and the Orient. It is being advertised in the French, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Chinese, Japanese, and other tongues.

"Delicious and Refreshing” differ with each language, but everywhere their meaning is the same—while in all languages the world over Coca-Cola has but one name and it delicious and refreshing.

Coca-Cola’s 34 years of constructive Yesterdays have made the big Today which moves into the greater Tomorrow—its progress vitalized by vision of a world institution, its growth sustained by the high principle of merchandising: quality maintained, insured above imitation, and made known everywhere.

Coca-Cola - The Drink of All the Year © 1917

Coca-Cola - The Drink of All the Year © 1917





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