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Diamond Brand Walnuts

"Sealed Packages of California Sunshine." That's really what you get, when you buy Diamond Brand California Walnuts, with all their wholesome, nourishing, natural goodness.

Diamond Brand are more than just the best walnuts grown. They are the very cream of California's finest orchards; cleaned and graded, hand-sorted and “crack- tested.'' That is why they are always thin-shelled, full-meated, fine-flavored, perfect—delicious, satisfying food-dainties just as you take them from the shells.

Serve them blanched and salted or in salads, candy, cake, nut-bread and many other wholesome foods and tempting desserts. Diamond Brand Walnuts are a year-round, everyday appetizing item of diet—and such tasty, palate pleasing addition to your spring and early summer menus!

Because all imperfect nuts are eliminated, Diamond Brand cost a trifle more than lower-quality walnuts. But they are decidedly worth more — they give you more good meats for your money.

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