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Corning Glass Works

Bakeware includes casseroles, plates, pans, etc. Also oven door plates, percolator flasks and tops; made from a low expansion boro-silicate glass of unique properties, marketed under the trademark “PYREX.”

Coming Glass Works have made the production of technical glassware their special field for fifty years. They maintain the most fully equipped laboratory in the world devoted to the study of the technical problems of glass manufacture.

The results of research conducted in Corning Glass Works have revolutionized some very important industries during the past twenty years.

We stand ready to cooperate with any manufacturer by developing special glasses to meet the particular requirements of his service if our present list does not afford exactly what is needed.

The service of our chemists and physicists is at your disposal. Our designers can determine how to prevent unnecessary expense and how to secure maximum efficiency by avoiding unsuitable designs.





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