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General Electric Appliances

Using electricity for lighting only is like hiring a servant by the week and giving her every afternoon "out." Electricity is at your service twenty-four hours out of twenty-four and the rate you pay is based on this service. Electricity is an untiring “servant in the house" ready when you turn the switch with a hundred uses in addition to lighting.



It is as easy to use electricity for cooking as for lighting. For this purpose, it is as superior to older methods as electric light is to other illuminants.

Electric cooking is made practicable by “Calorite," a secret alloy that transforms electricity into heat as effectively as the tungsten filament of the G-E Mazda lamp turns electricity into light, “Calorite,*' made and used exclusively by the largest electrical manufacturer in the world, is practically indestructible and for this reason G-E heating and cooking devices are as durable as they are convenient.

These G-E electric stoves fry, boil, cook or toast and are clean, convenient, rapid, flameless and as safe as electric light.

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