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Beech-Nut Company

Among the famous trade names of the world it would be difficult to find one more fitting, either in atmosphere or literal application, than the name “Beech Nut."

When that little group of Canajoharie people started out, over twenty five years ago, to smoke hams and bacon in a warehouse forty feet square they learned that the best flavor was achieved by curing the pork in the old-fashioned way, over smoldering Beechwood. hickory and maple for ninety-six hours.

Hence the name, “Beech-Nut,” which, though of peculiar fitness for bacon, has since become by extension a country-wide synonym for purity, flavor and genuineness in food products of many kinds—jellies, jams, marmalades. mustards, salad dressing, gum. mints, ginger ale, chili sauce, tomate catsup, and various others.








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