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Cream Of Wheat

So important and yet so simple—this matter of breakfast! In one food you can get these needed qualities combined—in Cream of Wheat.

An energy food extremely easy to digest.

Other foods, of course, are rich in energy substance. And still, others are easy to digest. But the combination, high energy, quickly available, at little cost to digestion, is the unusual advantage which Cream of Wheat offers!

It is made of the heart of the best hard wheat, the part richest in energy units, which scientists call carbohydrates. And these, of all food substances, are most easily and quickly digested.

The listless age? Ample energy will speed up tired little bodies—the very energy which Cream of Wheat supplies so liberally.

And there are listless grown-ups, too, who need this same energy. Try Cream of Wheat as a family food; vary it with chopped dates, nuts, prunes, figs. You will find not only renewed energy, but a new interest in breakfast.


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