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Duplex Fireless Stove

The so-called fireless cooker has now reached a point in its mechanical make-up that renders it practically perfect. Its thorough insulation, its construction of aluminum, its aluminum vessels, its double baking and roasting disks of soap-stone, its steam-valve, and its general neatness and compactness, together with what it will do, makes it a universal household necessity.

It saves both labor and fuel, thereby paying for itself in a short time; and it cooks most articles of food in a manner much better than they can be cooked with gas, coal, or wood under ordinary conditions.

The cereals, especially oat-meal, are cooked in this stove over night with absolutely no attending and they are made far more palatable and digestible by such cooking.

The plainer and cheaper cuts of meat, and especially of grass-fed animals, cooked in this way are rendered, in taste and tenderness, equal to the very best cuts, even of the better grades of meat.

Practically all vegetables should be cooked in a fireless stove, for such cooking renders them more tender and nutritious than when cooked in the usual way.

Bread and rolls and potatoes can now be baked in this way with the use of the disks. And all this is done with a minimum of attention and cost.

A cooker has been in almost daily use in the writer's family for fifteen years: and it is a common occurrence to have guests at the table comment on the superiority of the cooking of various items of food on the table, asking why they taste so much better than when cooked at their homes and in the hotels. The answer is always the fireless cooker.

These cookers cannot be praised too highly. One should be in every hospital and in every home; and when once used they will be appreciated. We believe the Duplex Fireless Stove, which is described in our advertising columns, is the best fireless cooker on the market.



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