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Bohn Syphon Refrigerator

The Only Refrigerators Having the Strictly One Piece, Seamless, Porcelain Enamel Lining With Full Rounded Corners.

This feature, alone, puts "Bohns" in a class by themselves. No joints, crevices or sharp corners to collect particles. Merely wiping with a wet cloth cleans everything perfectly.

Write for our free book on Household Refrigeration and learn how the Bohn Syphon Refrigerator is made throughout. It shows the various sizes covering all uses. Inside and outside icing.

A Bohn dealer in nearly every city and town will be glad to show every detail. Please write us if you cannot locate the Bohn dealer in your city.

BOHN Syphon System Approved by Large Users

For many years Bohn Syphon Refrigerators have been the choice in best homes, hotels, clubs, etc.., of the country. The Pullman Company and the great American railroads use the Bohn System, in their buffet and refrigerator cars. This is a recommendation you can not afford to overlook.

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