Apolinaris Natural Table Water

Dr. Lutaud describes,in his carefully-written essay, the happy chemical composition of the Apollinaris Water as a table water, which composition, combined with its agreeable taste, entitles it, in his opinion, to be called “Reine des eaux de table.”

He specially dwells on the desirability of the use of natural mineral waters as table waters instead of common waters, on account of the danger of typhoid fever and other infectious diseases frequently resulting from drinking impure water.

He also dwells on the advantages of natural mineral waters over artificial waters, because the latter often contain impurities caused by the process of manufacture.

He then enters fully into the therapeutic applicability of Apollinaris Water, and specially recommends it as an adjuvant in the following morbid conditions : dyspepsia characterized by acidity of the stomach, gastro-enteralgia, tendency to gall-stones, gouty conditions, catarrhal affections of the Genito-urinary mucous membrane, and uterine congestion leading to catamenial hemorrhage.


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