Snowdrift Shortening

Snowdrift is made entirely of this pure vegetable oil—nothing else—hardened into a creamy cooking fat, by hydrogenating, because—frankly—the women of this country didn't want to cook with a liquid fat but wanted their cooking fat to be white and solid and look like the old-fashioned hog lard they were accustomed to rich vegetable cooking fat always white, sweet and fresh.

Snowdrift is sweet—what you mean when you say "sweet" cream. Snowdrift is fresh—as you use the word to describe new-laid eggs. You know how much nicer eggs and butter and cream are when they are fresh. Did you ever stop to think that all shortening is fat, and is just as much better when it is fresh, too?

In its new air-tight package Snowdrift is fresh when you open it in your own kitchen.

After it is opened Snowdrift "keeps" just as well and as long as any other shortening. Its advantage is that it is fresh when you start to use it. Its air-tight package protects its purity and freshness, as no other package could, while it is on its way to your grocer and from your grocer's store to you.

This freshness makes a great difference. Try Snowdrift and see if you don't agree.



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