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Faust Tea and Coffee

For thirty years Faust Coffee and Tea have been famous the world over for their unsurpassed flavor, winning the HIGHEST AWARDS at the Fairs in Paris, France: Liege and Brussels, Belgium; St. Louis, Portland, San Francisco and Sen Diego, U.S. A.

Several years ago, by our own secret process, we began manufacturing this same coffee and tea in the new form—in soluble form—ready for instant use, without boiling, cooking or steaming; without pot, grounds or leaves—by merely putting the soluble powder in a cup and adding hot water.

The demand for this wonderful Coffee and Tea in its wonderfully new, convenient and economical form had assumed national proportions by the time war was declared.

Then we ceased selling the public and furnished our entire output for the boys over there. They deserved it and received it—but now the war is over, and we can again serve the public.


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