Cunard Line Passenger Lists 1881-1960

Passenger Lists of the Cunard Line

The Cunard Line's main services—New York-Southampton; New York-Liverpool; New York-London; New York-Bristol; Baltimore- Bristol: New York-Mediterranean; New York-Antwerp; New York-Rotterdam; Boston-Liverpool; Boston-London; Boston-Glasgow; Philadelphia-Bristol; Philadelphia-London; Montreal-Falmouth-London; Montreal-Bristol; U. K.- Mediterranean; U. K.-Levant and Black Sea; U. K.-French Ports.

The history of the Cunard Line has been the story of steamship progress from when the company's historic little Britannia inaugurated the transatlantic mail service in steamships. Between 1840 and now, every practicable invention has been impressed to make the best and safest ships. So far, the Aquitania surpasses them all.

It may be of further interest to learn that the old Cunard residence is still standing in Halifax, although the descendants of Samuel Cunard have long since been in England.

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