SS Laconia II Passenger List - 2 May 1931

Front Cover - 2 May 1931 Passenger List, SS Laconia, Cunard Line

Cabin Passenger List for the SS Laconia of the Cunard Line, Departing Saturday, 2 May 1931 from New York and Boston to Liverpool via Queenstown (Cobh), Commanded by Captain M. Doyle.

From the Estate of George W. Sweet, passenger on this voyage, includes photographs and newspaper clipping of the Sweet Party.

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: M. Doyle
  2. Chief Engineer: C. Silverlock
  3. Chief Officer: E. J. Rodgers, R.D., R.N.R
  4. Surgeon. R. V. Howell
  5. Purser: G. N. Baildon, R.D., R.N.R
  6. Chief Steward: F. Stroud
  7. Assistant Purser : J. M. Brougham

List of Cabin Passengers


  1. Mrs. L. H. Abbott
  2. Miss Elizabeth Adcock
  3. Mr. T. Davy
  4. Mrs. A. R. Akhurst
  5. Mrs. A. K. S. Deverell
  6. Miss Dorothea Donaghue
  7. Miss K Doody
  8. Mr. H. Dukes
  9. Miss E. Baker
  10. Mrs. A. W. Barmby
  11. Mr. A. Barr
  12. Mn Howard Barringer
  13. Mr. Timothy Barry
  14. Miss R. Baylor
  15. Mr. C. K. Benda
  16. Dr. K. E. Birkhaug
  17. Mr. Douglas Blades
  18. Master William Blades
  19. Master Richard Blades
  20. Miss Mary Blades
  21. Miss Betty Blades
  22. Major At N. Braithwaite, D.S.O., M.C., M.P
  23. Mrs. Braithwaite
  24. Master Robin Braithwaite
  25. Miss Anne Braithwaite
  26. Miss Anne Braithwaite and Nurse
  27. Miss Winifred Bromhall
  28. Miss E. Kerr Brown
  29. Miss Ethel Burns
  30. Mrs. Michael Eland
  31. Mrs. J. E. Elliott
  32. Mrs. Helen K. B. Evans
  33. Miss Helen M. Evans
  34. Master John H. Evans
  35. Miss Eleanor A. Evans
  36. Miss Alice Fennell
  37. Mr. Wilbur J. Filley
  38. Mrs. Filley
  39. Mr. Robert Forsyth
  40. Mrs. Forsyth
  41. Mrs. A. C. French
  42. Mr. H. S. Gibbs
  43. Mrs. Gibbs
  44. Mr. Frank A. Gray
  45. Mr. H. Griffiths
  46. Mr.. J. Canepa
  47. Mr. L. C. Cartwright
  48. Miss Minnie Corcoran
  49. Mr. D. C. Cormil
  50. Mr. Donald Davis
  51. Mrs. Davis
  52. Mr. Henry H. Haizlip
  53. Mrs. Caroline Harper
  54. Mr. C. G. Henderson
  55. Mr. Harry V. Henson
  56. Mrs. Henson
  57. Mr. J. Hewitt
  58. Miss Agnes Holmes
  59. Miss M. Humphreys
  60. Mr. H. H. Jackson
  61. Miss E. I. Jacob
  62. Miss D. M. Jacques
  63. Miss E. I. Jamieson
  64. Master Charles Jennings
  65. Mr. Phillip Rees John
  66. Mrs. John
  67. Mrs. A. C. Kaltenbach
  68. Mr. D. J. Kelly
  69. Mr. Henry Lande
  70. Mrs. S. H. Longshore
  71. Miss Marion Longshore
  72. Mr. V. Mandeville
  73. Mr. Frank May
  74. Rev. E. J. Meagher
  75. Mrs. R. E. Moore
  76. Miss Florence Newton
  77. Rev. Prof. William R Paterson
  78. Miss Elizabeth C. Paterson
  79. Miss Margaret Pine
  80. Capt. W. Robertson
  81. Mr. Bernard R. Rogers
  82. Mr. Emile L. Schmidt
  83. Mrs. Schmidt
  84. Miss H. H. Somerville
  85. Mrs. H. R. Spandel
  86. Miss Joan Spandel
  87. Mr. S. W. Starling
  88. Mrs. Starling
  89. Mr. L. A. Stewart
  90. Rev. Daniel Sweeney
  91. Mr. H. W. Thompson
  92. Mrs. Thompson
  93. Mr. J. C. Thomson
  94. Mr. Carlos Vernaza
  95. Mrs. Rafaela de Vernaza
  96. Mr. Luis C. Vernaza
  97. Mr. Jorge E. Vernaza
  98. Miss Alicia Vernaza
  99. Master Silvio Vernaza
  100. Mr. T, R. Walker
  101. Mrs. Walker
  102. Master Edward S. Walker
  103. Dr. E Whitfield
  104. Mr. S. Wiberg
  105. Miss E. Wilding


  1. Mrs. Kathleen N. Anthony
  2. Miss A. R. Anthony
  3. Miss Margaret Anthony
  4. Mr. R. P. Baldwin
  5. Mrs. Baldwin
  6. Mrs. Thomas R. Bard
  7. Miss Beryl B. Bard
  8. Mrs. Mary W. D. Cameron
  9. Master Thomas W. L. Cameron
  10. Master Robert Cameron
  11. Mr. E. S. Carr
  12. Mrs. B. Chambers
  13. Mrs. J. M. B. Churchill
  14. Mr. Arthur J. Conner
  15. Mrs. Conner
  16. Mrs. W. S. Davenport
  17. Mr. Philip J. Deering
  18. Mrs. Deering
  19. Mrs. Charles Deering
  20. Mr. Louis W. Downes
  21. Mrs. Downes
  22. Mrs. Alice Eames
  23. Miss Margaret C. Faulconer
  24. Mr. George Finn
  25. Mrs. F. W. Fiske
  26. Mrs. Josephine Frost
  27. Miss Jennie C. Frost
  28. Miss Stella M. Gray
  29. Mr. Edward F. Gray
  30. Mrs. Gray
  31. Mrs. George H. Harper
  32. Mrs. H. D. Heathfield
  33. Prof. A. M. Hind
  34. Miss Katherine Hines
  35. Mr. Charles A. King
  36. Mrs. King
  37. Mr. Kenneth Lindsey
  38. Miss Lucy Lowell
  39. Mr. John B. MacTaggart
  40. Mrs. MacTaggart
  41. Miss Sarah M. McElwaine
  42. Miss Mary Macy
  43. Mrs. Elizabeth L. Metcalf
  44. Miss M. L. Montargne
  45. Miss M. L. Montargne
  46. Capt. H. M. Peacock
  47. Mr. Leroy Phillips
  48. Mrs. Phillips
  49. Miss Edith Pollard
  50. Mr. John S. Reed
  51. Miss Ellen B. Richardson
  52. Mrs. Charles F. Russell
  53. Mrs. H. M. Savage
  54. Miss M. J. Sitgreaves
  55. Mr. Granville Strange
  56. Mrs. Strange
  57. Mr. George W. Sweet
  58. Mrs. Sweet
  59. Mrs. John R. Sweet

The Sweet Family at the Pier

Photo 11 The Sweet Party At the Boston Pier (May 3, 1931)

Newspaper Clipping of Sweet Party

President George W. SWEET of the Studebaker Sales Company of Boston, with his wife and his mother, Mr.s John R. Sweet, on board the SS Laconia as they left Boston on May 3, 1931 for a two month tour of the continent. Mr. Sweet has taken along a Studebaker "President," which he will drive while abroad.

George W. Sweet Viewing Automobile being Loaded into Cargo Hold of SS Laconia II

Photo 12: George W. Sweet Viewing his Studebaker "President" being Loaded into Cargo Hold of SS Laconia II

  1. Miss Ruth Swift
  2. Miss A. W. Torrey
  3. Mrs, Ada M. Tyack
  4. Mr. Tyler
  5. Mrs. Fiske Warren
  6. Mrs. Thomas W. Wilby
  7. Mrs. May Winson
  8. Miss Lucy N. Young

Recovery of U. S. Head Tax

Passengers returning to Europe in Cunard Line steamers may—on presentation of the necessary documents—viz.:—Transit Certificate Form 514 completed, and the Company's receipt for Head Tax paid—obtain refund of Head Tax from the Purser, providing the Passengers have left the U. S. within the prescribed period of 60 days, and the completed form 514 has been filed with the U. S. Authorities within 120 days of entry into the United States.

Although the period of time between arrival at a Canadian port and departure from the United States may exceed 60 days, this does not necessarily mean that persons in this category are prohibited from securing refund of Head Tax, so long as the actual period spent in the U. S. does not exceed 60 days. The application for refund, however, must he filed with the U. S. Immigration Authorities within 120 days of the actual date of crossing the border from Canada into the U. S.

Note :—Passengers who have not paid the Head Tax, in consequence of their holding return tickets or being in transit to points outside the United States, will kindly complete Form 514, which they will receive from -the Immigration officials at New -York, and for-(ward smile to the Cunard Line, 25 Broadway, New .York, as soon as possible after departure from the United States, or hand to the Purser of the steamer in which they return to the United Kingdom of Europe.

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