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R.M.S. Etruria Passenger List 30 April 1898

Saloon Passenger List, SS. Etruria of the Cunard Line - April 1898

Saloon Passenger List for the R.M.S. Etruria of the Cunard Line, Departing 30 April 1898 from Liverpool to New York, Commanded by Captain John Ferguson.

Notable Passengers: Herbert Wolcott Bowen, Edward Herbert Cozens-Hardy, 3rd Baron Cozens-Hardy, James Jerome Hill, Joseph Christoffel Hoagland, Walter Richard Wood, CM.

List of Saloon Passengers

Cunard Line

R.M.S. Etruria

Captain John Ferguson

From Liverpool to New York

Saturday, 30 April 1898

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: John Ferguson
  2. Surgeon: Francis VERDON
  3. Purser: Andrew Milliken
  4. Chief Steward: W. Atterby

Saloon Passengers

  1. Mr. E. G. L. Anderson
  2. Mr. J. D. Armitage
  3. Mrs. Armitage
  4. Mr. H. B. Ashmore
  5. Mr. T. P. Bacon
  6. Mr. R. J. Beechinor
  7. Mr. James L. Bennet
  8. Mr. G. F. Blake
  9. Mr. Herbert Wolcott Bowen (U.S. Consul General, Barcelona)
    Herbert Wolcott Bowen (29 February 1856 – 29 May 1927) was an American diplomat and poet. He served as ambassador to Venezuela, and consul-general in Spain and Persia
  10. Mr. John T. Boyt
  11. Mrs. Boyt
  12. Mr. E. Brusewitz
  13. Mrs. Brusewitz
  14. Mr. A. C. Campbell (Note 1)
  15. Mr. C. W. Clark
  16. Mrs. Clark
  17. Mr. R. D. Clark (Note 1)
  18. Mr. A. W. Clark
  19. Mr. E. Couill
  20. Count Franz. Deym
  21. Mr. Henry A. La Fetra
  22. Mr. L. W. Fox
  23. Mr. A. V. Fraser
  24. Mrs. Fraser
  25. Mr. W. C. Gardiner
  26. Miss J. Gordon
  27. Mr. F. Guscotte (Note 1)
  28. Mr. E. H. Cozens Hardy
    Edward Herbert Cozens-Hardy, 3rd Baron Cozens-Hardy (1873–1956)
  29. Mr. F. O. Harvey
  30. Mr. J. J. Hill
    James Jerome Hill (September 16, 1838 – May 29, 1916), was a Canadian-American railroad executive. He was the chief executive officer of a family of lines headed by the Great Northern Railway, which served a substantial area of the Upper Midwest, the northern Great Plains, and Pacific Northwest. Because of the size of this region and the economic dominance exerted by the Hill lines, Hill became known during his lifetime as The Empire Builder
  31. Mr. J. C. Hoagland
    Joseph Christoffel Hoagland (June 19, 1841 - December 8, 1899) was the president of the Royal Baking Powder Company
  32. Mr. C. S. Holland
  33. Mrs. Humphrey
  34. Miss Humphrey
  35. Mr. W. E. Killick
  36. Major Laing
  37. Mrs. W. V. Lawrence
  38. Miss Lawrence
  39. Mr. Austin W. Lord
  40. Mr. S. Lucas
  41. Miss C. M. Lucas
  42. Mr. A. MacCorkindale
  43. Mr. T. N. Mackinnon
  44. Mr. A. T. Maitland
  45. Mr. W. H. Marcon
  46. Mr. P. L. McLaren
  47. Mr. R. P. McLea
  48. Mr. P. Mooney
  49. Rev. Edward J. Moriarty
  50. Mr. E. P. Morton
  51. Mr. J. H. Murray
  52. Mr. L. Nachmann
  53. Captain Alfred Paget, R.N. and Manservant
  54. Mr. J. B. René
  55. Mr. A. L. Roberts
  56. Mr. John Roger
  57. Mr. G. H. Rosing
  58. Mr. Safford
  59. Mr. John Schneider
  60. Mr. W. Seers
  61. Dr. Stothard
  62. Dr. Charles E. Smith
  63. Mr. J. L. Thorndike
  64. Mrs. C. F. Tucker
  65. Mr. J. C. Updike
  66. Mr. R. Thery
  67. Mr. Walter Wood
    Walter Richard Wood, CM (1876 – 31 March 1981) was a Canadian active in the Boy Scouts. Born in England, the son of Richard Leonard Wood and Martha Glover, he came to Canada in 1920 and worked as a machinist with the Dominion Atlantic Railway. Wood was a lifelong member of the Boy Scouts and was still regularly attending meetings until the age of 101 and is still known as the oldest Boy Scout in the Commonwealth of Nations
  68. Mr. S. S. Costikyan
  69. Mr. Thos. Vooght
  70. Mr. A. J. Townson
  71. Mr. E. A. Kerbs
  72. Mr. P. J. Dasey

Note 1: Line was drawn through name - typically, this means the passenger was booked but did not board this vessel.

Passenger Recapitulation : Saloon 70; Second Cabin 105; Steerage 331; Total 506

Reconciliation of Saloon Passengers: 72 Names Listed + Manservant - 3 Not on board = 70

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